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  1. BikBikBoi

    Prison Tips 2020

    helpful and great for new players!
  2. BikBikBoi

    VoteTop Top Voters | December 2019

    GG to all the voters
  3. BikBikBoi

    Competition Skyblock Fantasy - IslandTop Results | December the 14TH 2019

    Well someone doesn't know what merging is but okey.
  4. BikBikBoi

    Update SkyBlock Dream - Reset | July the 13th 2019

    Now will there be a reset discount maybe a %40 off : D ?
  5. BikBikBoi

    How do I set an island warp description?

    Well you use color codes! it catches the eye and helps people pick you such as &0 for black and so on [welcome] to make your island warp and anything you add under that is the part you can add your colorful ideas or desc
  6. BikBikBoi

    Need Support

    Okey guys I got it fixed thank's to a very helpful admin
  7. BikBikBoi

    Need Support

    My in game name is BikBikBoi Soo I accidentally I bought fly on dream instead of fantasy how can I change it, I was meaning to buy it on fantasy. mod's could you help or is there nothing that there can be done