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  1. Andeh

    Important SkyBlock Dream - We need your help!

    As for now with all the custom storage we have going with Infinite Chests, Skyblock is basically unplayable. You just AFK all day, place more spawners and AFK again, that's the main aim to chase to win Skyblock Competition. There's no brain usage, strategies, activeness or grind. There are a...
  2. Andeh

    Competition Prison Gang Top - Results

    @voodootje0 I demand another prisons reset!1!11
  3. Andeh

    Competition Prison Gang Top - Results

  4. Andeh

    Str 2 too op?

    For the people who are saying that KitPvp is broken because Strength 2 is really over-powered, there are ways to escape other players via pearling, going into safe-rooms etc. There is no such confusion of KitPvp being "broken" because of Strength 2. We can however control the koth loots (8...
  5. Andeh

    PvPing with a trackpad

    @_Hey__ is familiar with track pads :ROFLMAO::LOL:
  6. Andeh

    Why u lie

    Why u lie
  7. Andeh

    Jartex, fix your staff team

    There is an organised section for staff reports which could maybe be useful in your case. So if you do want to report a staff for anything, you may do so.
  8. Andeh

    Jartex, fix your staff team

    I don't see your point here. You're telling us to "fix" our staff team. According to me, staff jobs are not only about our attitude towards cheater and getting them banned ASAP. The anti-cheat is pretty annoying to cheaters sometimes, the player could not be cheating although some people think...
  9. Andeh

    Update Skyblock Dream - Reset | December the 7TH 2019

    1) Ice Aspect - Slight chance to freeze your enemy not allowing them to move or hit anyone for 2 seconds. [LEGENDARY] [3 LEVELS] (Sword / Axe Enchant) 2) Destruction - A slight chance to deal massive damage to all players near you (Not in your MCMMO party) by a lightning strike. [IMMORTAL] [10...
  10. Andeh

    KitPvp - Competitive or Progressive?

  11. Andeh

    KitPvp - Competitive or Progressive?

    In this post I just wanted to get over something which can turn into Jartex's future for KitPvp. Should KitPvp turn into HCF and consider being Competitive? OR Remain how it is - Free to play aspect - Not much Competition Turning it into KitMap. Let me know your...
  12. Andeh

    Important Prison - Reset | November The 9TH 2019

    @Silent_MC @Fugestly Who gave you both your bragging rights? It's good that you suggested some ideas and they got implemented but anyone can actually do that ;) Coding is the hard part hehe. So basically, Mex and Thiemo have the bragging rights.
  13. Andeh

    Important Prison - Reset | November The 9TH 2019

    What's the point though, if I know that Ultras suck then I won't simply bid for them or buy them off store .. Kinda agreed they need like a revamp but idk lol let things be how they are right now.
  14. Andeh

    Important Prison - Reset | November The 9TH 2019

    Boii try me, take off your ankle weights, let's ride my g
  15. Andeh

    Important Prison - Reset | November The 9TH 2019

    Where's Thiemo's name? :^(
  16. Andeh

    PaceLv Caught Hacking Proof Is Bewlow <

    I wanna see a part 2
  17. Andeh

    What Custom enchants we use for our God Sets

    What's the point explaining this? :p
  18. Andeh

    Competition Skyblock Dream - IslandTop Results | October the 12TH 2019 YEAHH ON TOP BOYS
  19. Andeh

    Update Skyblock Fantasy - Reset | October The 5TH 2019

    I expected a Prisons reset so lets uninstall our games everyone, shall we? (Btw I like Gnomes Crop lol) @JustThiemo hi dad