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  1. Izag

    Minigames SkyWars BedWars TheBridge Jartex pass

    it will not be p2w at all you just have to grind to earn it, well by rank you get more tokens
  2. Izag

    Minigames BedWars TheBridge Kill Count

    Minecraft Username: 1zag What is your suggestion's title? Kill Count Suggestion Details: Whenever i'm playing Jartex Bedwars I can't see my Kill, Bed breaks and my final kills because yesterday I had a tier 3 mission saying. "Get 12 kills in 1 single game) and I tried farming kills I didn't...
  3. Izag

    Denied Global Lunar/Badlon Cosmetics

    Thank you for your honesty. Regards: 1zag
  4. Izag

    Minigames SkyWars BedWars TheBridge Jartex pass

    Minecraft Username: 1zag What is your suggestion's title? Jartex Pass Suggestion Details: Hello team JartexNetwork. I came here with an amazing suggestion that could possibly blow Minigames (hopefully). I'm going to be suggesting about Jartex Pass. Jartex Pass is straight up Battle Pass you...
  5. Izag

    Denied Global Lunar/Badlon Cosmetics

    Thank you for your suggestion, please read and then reply. I have said that even other cracked servers, I can somehow see their cosmetics but not in Jartex.
  6. Izag

    Denied Global Lunar/Badlon Cosmetics

    Minecraft Username: 1zag What is your suggestion's title? Lunar/Badlion Cosmetics Suggestion Details: As a premium Lunar player, I would love to see peoples cosmetics, their Lunar tag next to their name. It just makes the server more aesthetic seing Lunar client members with their cosmetics in...
  7. Izag

    Already Suggested PracticePvP Boxing to pratice

    -1 I don't think Boxing fits Jartex because the knockback is not revamped. Even if it releases, boxing will only blow up for 1 or 2 weeks and then die because of the knockback.
  8. Izag

    [Skywars] cryingazureeyes's Map Submission

    I'm gonna give it a -1. The map is bare and blanked nothing much in the island. It's dry and not that colorful.
  9. Izag

    Minigames Kill Effect

    Thank you for your interest FuzniX. I totally agree with your decision.
  10. Izag

    Minigames BedWars Rejoining a Minigame

    Minecraft Username: 1zag What is your suggestion's title? Rejoining a Minigame Suggestion Details: I want to suggest so that whenever I disconnect from a solo game I get 1 to 3 minutes to reconnect back into the game and whenever someone disconnects from the game the items as in...
  11. Izag

    Denied Already Suggested BedWars Bridge eggs

    -1 Because JartexNetwork don't like to copy other server as they can possibly be punished for that.
  12. Izag

    Minigames Not closing chat when a game starts

    +1 this can make life easier šŸ¤£šŸ„› regards: Izag
  13. Izag

    Denied Minigames Transferring leadership of a clan

    +1 agree with this regards: Izag
  14. Izag

    [BedWars] muaazbin's Map Submission

    +1 I can tell you have put effort in the map, I love it. Regards : 1zag
  15. Izag

    [Skywars] MiltonNJ05's Map Submission

    1- The design, building if fabulous but I'm going to go with a no because it's just a not sweaty map and there's too much goin in the map. Regards : Izag IGN : 1zag
  16. Izag

    Minigames Kill Effect

    Minecraft Username: 1zag What is your suggestion's title? Kill Effect Suggestion Details: So we all know there is a new seasonal event going on in JartexNetwork which will end on Aug 31th. I decided to suggest about kill effect. What I mean by that is every kill that I get in Bedwars you get a...
  17. Izag

    Global Server Theme

    Yes, great idea! +1 IGN: 1zag
  18. Izag

    [The Bridge] ReddyPush's Map Submission

    This would be such an amazing map if they add it in Jartex. The design, the aestheticnes is pleasing. Great job on the map Reddy! Regards : 1zag / Izag
  19. Izag

    How to play Factions.

    Hello team Jartex or I may say team Factions, anyhow. So I've been wanting to play Factions for a while now but I have no idea how it actually works. If you do please DM me in Discord or my Minecraft IGN is 1zag. (Sorry if this was a short thread) ~~~~~~~ Discord : 1zag#1285
  20. Izag

    How can I record smoothly

    Just MC, I have tried other games like NSFW and it worked really well.