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  1. DaddyZoiko

    Update Prison - We Need Your Help! | May The 17th 2022

    To answer the question about the PvP, Sharp 60 wouldn't hurt at all. Check the section of "G-Kit PvPing"
  2. DaddyZoiko

    Update Prison - We Need Your Help! | May The 17th 2022

    Take into consideration -> . Mines above P500 (a member has been P500 like two weeks in the season or even less, can't recall). Reduce the limit of the drug of cannabis just a tiny bit, from 3000g daily to 2750 or even 2500g. (not rlly necessary).
  3. DaddyZoiko

    Crashers in Creative

    Just like any other gamemode, creative can't be monitored 24/7. The staff team is trying their best to keep the server clean and enjoyable for everyone. I'm sure something will be done. Don't worry!
  4. DaddyZoiko

    Crashers in Creative

    Hey buddy! I appreciate your concern about the Creative gamemode on our network. If you'd like to help with the cleanse of abusers you can help by reporting them here. ;)
  5. DaddyZoiko

    Prison Boosters.

    +1 Breaks down perfectly, an upgrade on boosters is needed
  6. DaddyZoiko

    Global Confirm item purchase in /gold shop

    +1 explained by the respected members above
  7. DaddyZoiko

    Denied Atlas

    Forbid from bringing up server names while suggesting something regarding our network. Making a suggestion about an anti cheat has extremely high chances of getting your suggestion denied
  8. DaddyZoiko

    Denied Arcade Minigames

    Quite sure something similar has been suggested before + we already have parkours around the server there is just not a gamemode for it. One can be found at the hubs and it has a leaderboard so it can be considered quite competitive.
  9. DaddyZoiko


    As I've mentioned before in a similar topic, be careful on who you trust.
  10. DaddyZoiko

    10k messgaes?

    Won't share any secrets šŸ¤« (report players)
  11. DaddyZoiko

    BedWars cosmetics for bedwars

    ^ Try to avoid bringing up other server names while making a suggestion
  12. DaddyZoiko

    Denied Report

    Already suggested, someone deny this suggestion
  13. DaddyZoiko

    Minigames Make a player limit for party that can be customized

    +1 Basically self explanatory would be nice to have
  14. DaddyZoiko

    Denied Bedwars

    Don't bring up other servers while making a suggestion
  15. DaddyZoiko

    Forums Reaction-Spamming rulw

    Requesting a staff member to move this thread and lock it as it has been solved.
  16. DaddyZoiko

    Prison New Mines

    P500 is already hard enough to reach. There are way better features that can be added on prison other than just new prestige mines. But as I am not p500, we should let those who are vote. So I am just going to leave a neutral opinion
  17. DaddyZoiko

    SkyWars Rename "Explosive Creeper" item

    I also agree, +1 on this one
  18. DaddyZoiko

    Top Griefers

    The only thing you can do to prevent griefers from griefing your plot is not adding them or trusting them to your plot. You should know whom to add to your plot. I guess thanks for informing people for the current grifiers?
  19. DaddyZoiko

    PracticePvP thebridge

    Don't bring up other servers while suggesting modules to be implemented.
  20. DaddyZoiko

    Discord Great Reporter Channel

    In the case of this suggestion, of course it does make a difference. In general though, it does not. You, because you want to will make reports, noone is forcing you to. Also, the majority of the playerbase have made at least a small amount of reports, therefore they do realize how cheats work...