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Rules ▪ Prison

Prison Rules

❝ Rules that will be abided by, ensuring Prison is played in its true essence. ❞

   The management team (Sr.Mods, Manager, Owner) reserve the right to apply non-listed punishments if they consider it necessary.

   In order to report anyone on forums for violating any of these rules, select "Factions Rules" in rules list and mention the specific rule below.
   For all of the rules that have screenshot listed as required proof, please note that a Video Recording will always be more handy to report a faction for any rule; though not required.
   What is considered required proof for these rules might not always be, depending on the case, as there tend to be rules that require further input and inspection from Team Faction members.

Inappropriate Gang name

Using inappropriate names for the gangs is not allowed and the owner of the gang will support the punishment.

  1. Warning
  2. 1 Day IP-Ban
  3. 7 Days IP-Ban
  4. 31 Days IP-Ban
Account Sharing

Sharing accounts whilst a competition is in progress.

You are allowed to share your account with your own gang members whilst there is no extra competition undergoing. Therefore you may share your account for Gang Top purposes.

  1. 7 Days IP-Ban
  2. 14 Days IP-Ban
  3. 31 Days IP-Ban
ALT Boosting

Sharing alt accounts with members of different gangs.

  1. 14 Days IP-Ban
  2. 31 Days IP-Ban and a disqualification for latest payout
  3. Permanent IP-Ban
Prestige Boosting

Using alternative accounts to gain free in-game currency such as XP, Prestige keys and etc. To gain advantage over other gangs without the actual gameplay. .

  1. 14 Days IP-Ban
  2. 31 Days IP-Ban
  3. Permanent IP-Ban
Gang Boosting

Boosting other gang's progress to increase their chances of earning a payout, or overall improving their TOP position.

  1. 31 Days IP-Ban and a disqualification for latest payout
  2. Permanent IP-Ban

Basically a betrayal between a member(s) of your cell. Insiding can occur multiple ways, Stealing Items, Mining Valuable Blocks and so on. If you found that a member of your team betrayed you, you must report the player immediately on the forums with strong evidence against the player you are reporting. Please note that we will not refund any damage that your cell been through if your report will be accepted.

  1. Permanent IP-Ban