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Rules ▪ Gens

Gens Rules

❝ Rules that will be abided by, ensuring Gens is played in its true essence. ❞

   The management team (Sr.Mods, Manager, Owner) reserve the right to apply non-listed punishments if they consider it necessary.

   In order to report anyone on forums for violating any of these rules, select "Factions Rules" in rules list and mention the specific rule below.
   For all of the rules that have screenshot listed as required proof, please note that a Video Recording will always be more handy to report a faction for any rule; though not required.
   What is considered required proof for these rules might not always be, depending on the case, as there tend to be rules that require further input and inspection from Team Faction members.

AFK Mining

Exploiting your operative system bugs, or making use of items to click automatically.

  1. 7 Days IP-Ban
  2. 14 Days IP-Ban
  3. 31 Days IP-Ban
  4. Permanent IP-Ban
Island Boosting

Island boosting is whenever an island increases other island's value to get them into a higher competition position.

  1. 14 Days IP-Ban to the Island Leader and a disqualification for latest payout
  2. 31 Days IP-Ban to the Island Leader and a competition disqualification
Alts Abuse

Alts will only be allowed to either AFK, collect data (such as /baltop, not data added to your in-game account) and be invited to your Island. You are not to complete quests on alts and then invite them to your island for extra slots, performing quests on your alt account to boost your main account's lootbox rewards is not allowed. The general purpose to collect information such as chat information, to AFK and to use the initial slots it's first granted to on join.

  1. 14 Days IP-Ban to the Account Owner and a disqualification for latest payout
  2. 31 Days IP-Ban to the Account Owner and a competition disqualification

Betraying your island is not allowed, stealing items and then leaving and stuff like that will get you punished.

  1. Permanent IP-Ban