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Gameplay Rules

Gameplay Rules

❝ Gameplay rules enforced to maintain a healthy and friendly enviroment. ❞

   All the rules that are listed below will be applied in all the gamemodes / minigames along with the specific-server rules.
   After the Third Offenses from the 1 Day IP-Mutes, the next punishment will continue to increase by 1 day if you will break them again within 7 days.
   The Management Team (Sr.Mods, Manager, Owner) reserves the right to apply non-listed punishments if they consider it necessary.

   If you get reported for a light rule (Spamming, General Rudeness, etc.), you will instantly be muted for a day, even if it is your first offense.
   If you get reported for Racism/Discrimination, or Death Threats your punishment will be the same as its first offense, which is a 7-day IP-Mute.
   If you believe that a punishment has been falsely issued against you, you may feel free to appeal for your punishment and state so. At this time, the Appeals team will review your case along with the Rules Interpretation Committee if they were to be required.

Map Exploitation

Using any map exploitations for your benefit is against our Network's rules and will result in a suspension of your account. If you encounter any exploits of sorts, we urge you to report them immediately on the forums, with valid evidence and an explanation of the exploit so that we can find a solution.

  1. 7 day IP-Ban
  2. 14 day IP-Ban
  3. 31 day IP-Ban
  4. Permanent IP-Ban
Stat Boosting

Using any possible feature and/or method to boost your statistics is against the rules.

Note: This rule only applies to the Minigames, Lifesteal, PracticePvP, and KitPvP.

  1. 14 day IP-Ban and a stats reset
  2. 31 day IP-Ban and a stats reset
  3. Permanent IP-Ban and a stats reset
Teaming / Assisting Hackers / Rule Breakers

Being aware of players using any blacklisted modifications or breaking any kind of rules while teaming with them will get you punished on our Network. We do not tolerate players teaming with others that are breaking our rules, either by hacking, ban evading, etc.

  1. 14 day IP-Ban
  2. 31 day IP-Ban
  3. Permanent IP-Ban
Vote Top Alting

While making use of alternate accounts to vote for the server is allowed, no alt accounts will be given the Vote Top rewards.

This means that if your main account and alt account are both on the Vote Top leaderboard, only your main account will be rewarded respectively.

  1. Alt Account's Disqualification

A scammer is somebody who attempts to steal from another, usually utilizing trickery, deceit, or force. Anyone proven to have tried or succeeded at scamming another player will be punished accordingly. Some examples of scams include, but are not limited to, agreeing on a trade and not following through, lying about an item being sold in the auction house, selling banknotes made to look like they have more value than they hold, etc. A method to avoid scamming is using the command /trade. We do not refund any items lost due to a player breaking this rule.

Listing items in the auction house (/ah) that are either bugged, glitched, or with a modified name/lore in order to display them as the original item, whilst they aren't actually the said item, in order to make players buy it thinking that they will receive the correct item/voucher will also count towards this rule.

Note: Prison, Gens, Factions & Lifesteal are excluded in this rule, as regular scamming is allowed in these game modes.

  1. 31 day IP-Ban
  2. Permanent IP-Ban
Bot abuse

Bot are allowed to receive information via GUIs and chat however they cannot directly interact within the GUI in order to modify your inventory (with the exclusion of gkit upgrades, gkit collections, kit collections and book sorter). It is allowed to click the GUI for settings or options, such as doing /settings, /server ect ect.

A bot is only allowed to send a message in chat every 15 minutes if it is in a public chat(<-- This would be punishable under the "Automated & Advertisement messages" rule), they can send messages in /msg if the receiver had messaged the bot first. Bots are not allowed to interact with their inventory as well as not able to complete a set of instructions.

It is allowed to make it do one singular action (such as "/msg bot .rightclick" and it right clicking). You cannot make it do a set of instructions or functions when to do with movement. Your bot is allowed to start private games (as well as use the private game tools in hotbar) however cannot participate during the game itself. It can do whatever it likes in spectator mode, such as /pg settings

It is strictly disallowed to use any commands that directly saves any data to the Minecraft bot (such as /sell).

  1. 14 Days IP-Ban
  2. 31 Days IP-Ban
  3. Permanent IP-Ban
Bug Exploiting

If an exploit or bug is detected on any game mode, we request that players not use the exploit to their advantage. Instead, please collect as much information as possible concerning the problem and report them immediately on the forums. Those found abusing the bugs will be punished depending on the rigor.

Note: Certain actions could lead to a permanent ban as the first offense, with no appeal possible on some occasions, so please be aware and refrain from performing this action.

  1. 31 day IP-Ban
  2. Permanent IP-Ban
Inappropriate Buildings

Building offensive, inappropriate, sexual, or NSFW buildings, regardless of which game mode this is made. This includes Nazism, lag machines, inappropriate body parts, sexual activities, etc.

Note: It does not matter if it was you or someone else that you have added to your plot, cell, or island; the owner will be the one punished. Please be careful when trusting players to build in your plot, cell, or island.

  1. 31 day IP-Ban
  2. Permanent IP-Ban
Fly Boosting

You may not use any sort of Fly Boosting mod/module if you are in Survival. This means you can use it in Spectator or Creative mode only.

  1. 31 day IP-Ban
  2. Permanent IP-Ban
Use of Hacks / Blacklisted Modifications

Any third-party alteration that gives notable advantages over another player in-game is blacklisted from the server. This also includes advantages that can be used via mouse and/or keyboard, such as macros. If you have built-in macros, please disable them. We want to advocate fairness for all community members; that being said, cheating will NOT be permitted. To find further details regarding allowed and disallowed modifications, refer to that page of the rules.

  1. Permanent IP-Ban
Buycraft Scams

Scamming a player in a trade that involves Buycraft or any sort of payment made on the Official JartexNetwork Store. This rule applies to all game modes, even if scamming is allowed on that gamemode as buycraft scamming is not allowed anywhere, users will be punished regardless if they are the ones not giving the items or not purchasing the item from the store.

Note: We know that it's possible that you do not fully trust a player with these kinds of trades, which is why it's always recommended that you ask a staff member to be a middle man for these trades, as they will help out both parties in not getting scammed. (Although a staff member may not always be available)

  1. Permanent IP-Ban
Screenshare Rules

The staff members who are a part of this subgroup are allowed to request you to screen share upon any suspicious activity in-game related to cheating, ban evasion, or other.

If you are asked to screen share, you will be requested to give your Discord Tag (if you do not have one, you'll need to create it) and then conduct the screen share via AnyDesk (which you will have to download if you do not already have).

The staff members and players must follow the following rule sheet when a screen share is conducted. If you have any further questions about screenshare-related, you may contact a member of this subgroup.

To find all the screen-share rules click here and more relevant information, follow this link ->

  1. The punishment chart is listed in the Google Docs document above.
Ban Evading

Logging on another account on the server while you're still banned will result in a permanent ban on your alt account as well as an extension of your current ban if not already permanent.

Note: Claiming to be a banned user on the network will also result in you being IP-Banned. Having a similar username to a currently banned player will also result in you being permanently IP-Banned (such as MineGamer61 and MineGamer62)

  1. Permanent IP-Ban
Making use of JartexNetwork Maps

Copying or using any official JartexNetwork Map is completely prohibited and will result in an instant permanent ban no matter the method of extraction used.

  1. Permanent IP-Ban

Since the items and ranks you receive when purchasing are Digital Intangible Items, there is a strict no refund policy. You may not replace nor return any item/rank you purchase from the store, as we do not offer refunds once a purchase is made. Opening a PayPal dispute will result in your account being permanently IP banned on our network and other webstores.

Please Note: If you do not obtain the rank/item after 15 minutes of processing the purchase, you must fill a Payment Issue form in order for your issue to be solved:
  1. Permanent IP-Ban
Inappropriate Minecraft Usernames/Skins

Using an inappropriate, sexual, or offensive username or skin will get your account permanently banned from our Network.

  1. Permanent Ban