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    VoteTop Top Voters | December 2019

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    wait what?
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    This post is going to change jartex, forever

    I am waiting for it
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    How To Kill every person in game!

    the only way to get better is to have a good gaming chair
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    Getting Kicked For Hacks

    The console is only kicking because it thinks you are hacking it must be because of your internet connection or because of your computer hardware as sometimes your pc throttles because of which it thinks you are speed hacking.
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    Road to leaderboards.

    i am too lazy to but for u i will
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    Road to leaderboards.

    idk must be below 1
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    MC drop edit

    Nice edits how much time did it take?
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    Road to leaderboards.

    i have 200kills
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    Event Competition Information ❖ The Bridge To Glory Event !! ❖

    I am hyped up for this can't wait for that $45 gift card:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    The Story Of SBD Teams.

    I dont fit in any category make one for me
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    Are any good islands recruiting this season?

    As the title says ARE ANY good islands recruiting this season, I want to join plz I swear I am good. Thx
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    How to get good?