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    Update SkyBlock Dream - Reset | July the 13th 2019

    Any word of void chests?
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    VoteTop Top Voters | June 2019

    Chronic wins top one again. ggs
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    Update Minigames Update | June 8th 2019

    What are the new ranks going to give you? And how much are the new ranks going to cost?
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    Is there any way to see what exactly is available in gkit treasure or special?

    Is there somewhere that shows what exactly in available in the gkits because when you hover over it, it only shows you a few of the items that you can get. Is there a complied list of available loot?
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    FLOOD chat

    Go report him in report forum
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    Happened to me too. Make a bug report
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    Bugged God Key (Mystery Package?)

    This happened to me ask well with an ultra key and mystery gkit. Think it’s just the mystery gkits from chests.
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    Buying commands through drops from crates, do I lose them through reset?

    Want to make sure I don't lose them before I buy some.