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Design period

The term "design period" can be defined as

It's the amount of time in the future when the facility will be available to meet the need.


The number of years in the future, when supply will exceed demand.

What is the reason Design period is offered ?

The design period is specified due to

It's extremely complicated or difficult to offer regular extension.

It's more economical to construct an entire large unit instead of to build a series of smaller units.

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Factors affecting design period

There are a few factors that influence the design time for the building.

The life of the structure

Life of a structure is the time in the future when it is able to offer the facility you want. This means it must be lower than the life of the structure.

Extensiveness or difficulty

For the projects where extension is feasible, it is kept to a minimum. For instance, we can put in tubes at any moment therefore we don't require the installation of every tube well that are required in 20 years.

For those projects that are difficult to extend and time-consuming, their design duration is extended. For instance, dams and reservoirs are not able to be extended with ease.

Growth rate of the population

In the event that growth in population is higher, then in the region, a shorter design time is needed.

Lead time

It's the period from the start of the project until conclusion. The design period should be longer than the lead time.

Economy of scale

The reduction in cost because of the size of the facility grows is known as economic of scale.

If the economics of scale is minimal, a shorter design time will be utilized. It is cost-effective to build the largest structure, with a longer design duration.

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Time to perform

Structures are tested in operating condition for a time period but is not considered during construction. At this point, the structure is not providing facilities to the communities.

Illustrations of Design Period in a sentence

An initial environmental assessment about (I I.E.) was carried out for the main subproject using data gathered during the detailed Design period. Designs for components Design time for all components should be in accordance with the Manual for the preparation of a detailed Project Reports of Rural Piped Water Supply Schemes, published by the Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Government of India which is updated from time-to- date.

The cost of this stage will be considered to be part of cost of the Design Period cost. Development of the Water supply system.Water demand and quantity estimation: Estimation the demand for water for a city or town per capita and the factors that influence it. Water demands of different types and their variations- the factors that influence water demand the Design period, factors that affect the Design Period, and Population forecasting.

The most important design parameters to be taken into consideration for hydraulic modeling and design are as follows: Design Period - 30 years (2021-2051) Residual Pressure Minimum 20-22m Water require 150 LPCD and 15% of NRW 3. Setting of Baseline Conditions by thorough review of current GIS reports and data details from the regional DJB offices, previous study reports , and evaluation of current water supply systems.

811.203 Design Period 811.203 Design Period. The period of design for all waste disposal units that are inert will be the operating period of the unit and an initial postclosure period which is 5 years. Amount of grant money available to be used during this Planning and Program Design Period before the final adoption of the Charter by local boards will be capped by 25 percent total grant amount.

If the application for subgrants gets approved, then the grantee can propose that the planning or Program Design Period begin before the final approval of the charter through the school's board.

In order to ensure that stakeholders and the organisation have broad appreciation and participation in projects' outcomes, the consultant will be expected to organize coordination workshops to present important reports following every project milestone to a group of stakeholders to be negotiated together with and the client.During during the design Period the client will be required to attend one workshop planned and will include a presentations of the completed report on design.

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