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    why abilities doesn't work

    Skywars is ignored by the owners, which disappoints me since it's the only game I play. Each mode has 2 maps, that's simply pathetic.
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    Basics to every Skywars kit

    Stupid me, totally made a typo there in my post, your opinion is 100% correct, I apologize for missing out on such blessing words... lmao
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    Hopper Thief

    You're not wrong by asking for donations, but if I were you, I'd work on finding his name and getting him banned.
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    Im zHoodiePvPx and i got banned for glitching out from a door

    Asking for an unban in a public thread won't get you unbanned, that's bound to never work. Make an appeal, and hope for the best.
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    So Laggy

    Same's been happening for me. You get lag every 10 seconds, and its annoying.
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    Custom Trees

    This video might help, it's one of the most popular builders in the Minecraft community. I'm sure you know him.
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    ***How to get muted 101 with Fiery 101 (Gone Sexual) ***

    omgogmogmogm thanks for help man omgomgomgomg i can now ez mute i love you lots person omg
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    Basics to every Skywars kit

    Thanks for the feedback ;)
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    Basics to every Skywars kit

    Lmao that got me confused for a sec
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    Basics to every Skywars kit

    Wait what, I don't recall replying with "i hate poop", sorry man. Call me Dory from Nemo ;)
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    Basics to every Skywars kit

    You're very welcome
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    Basics to every Skywars kit

    No offense taken, I get your point. Most cracked players are new to Minecraft in general, not just skywars, that's who this thread is directed towards. The amount of people I see in games that keep using the default kit, that have no chance of winning is getting pretty stupid, so might as well...
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    need help to get my accunt back
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    Basics to every Skywars kit

    Thank you! :D