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Dec 12, 2016
Reply to Andy,
OK I am slightly annoyed with your answer to my suggestions, time to use some common sense :D!

-Did you really think that a member of staff would take the time to code all of this, like are you serious? USE COMMON SENSE!
what I said were just suggestions!

-When you said that the spawn and Warzone wasn't completely explored, I am, and I admit slightly confused on what you mean.

-When you said I was going HAM on copying other bigger servers features:

  • Jartex Network hits over 1600 plays, decent for an MC server, pretty big actually.
  • Maybe we need more/other features to gain more popularity (Speaking for the server here)

This is up for debate, but I think that FPS is a waste of time, nothing is done there, high lvl players, or high ranked players just stay there for 90% of the time when they become OP or they just don't care anymore. Skyblock originally was designed to be played not for PVP (as it was singleplayer) but for the concentration and level of skill to challenge you. PVP now days is just something to add a little bit of spice in, it is not designed to take over Skyblock. If FPS was removed, so many players would actually engage in something useful - such as Island Expansion, Helping Other Players Out, Public Events, etc. If Warzone was to replace FPS, we could add so many events such as ones that I mentioned like, Custom Bosses, Custom Mobs, More Supply Drops. You catching on yet Andy?
I hope this helps convince you otherwise or at least tilt your perspective to a wider view ~ Best regards Meowvoid/egeng55

You really do not understand why /warp fps is a thing do you? it is for bad computers to enjoy pvp,Supply drops are already 'common' enough.Costum bosses? such as? please...,Costum mobs? like what a potato? the point of SB is to challenge a player,to make him have to think,to use his brain its not to fight things such as these. honestly without fps the pvp on SBD would be way worse,only some randys running around on warzone,plus the staff teams can just make warps for public events,im not saying PvP is the only thing that matters,but let's face it if you removed fps all those players will just go to warzone PvP is interesting,plus if PvP wasn't a thing why would you have to grind? create god sets?if you remove pvp you will have to remove most PvP related enchants since they would be useless and the warzone would be too big meaning easier ways for people to escape

in the beginning you said lets use common sense. well lets do it : no FPS no InterestingPvP no PvP customenchants therefore no need for blazes therefore making a useful spawner into a useless one because you dont need exp unless u want to make sets that you will probably never use. and yes i do think you were copying some big servers,next thing they should add is Gkits dropping from potatoes or some other thing,Jartex has players,but SBD does not attract as much players as the mini-games.SB is a fun competition,without PvP it would get way less interesting.


Oct 15, 2016
Nope can't be 70 percent off
That never happen at ost 50 dollar at jartex never 70 percent off.


Oct 15, 2016
Reset Hype :p
Heres my opinion on the things so far
  • Sellwands - Dont make em store only , Make kits from ranks have Sellwands in them , different ammount depending on rank
  • Spawner Upgrades - Make them more efficient , This season 200x is slower than 10x
  • Custom Drops - Custom spawners with that would be nice, Diamond golem spawners :>
  • Maby something with pets? - Loot Pickup, Regen, deals damage for you perhaps?
  • Changed Economy: make it more lasting perhaps? players got bored after first 2 months
  • King of the hill? - Please No, Timezone disadvantages will be Very Bad.
  • Doing something with afking - Chunk loaders? :p
  • Limited amount of customenchants on gear ( Yes or No? ) : Yes of course :p
And heres my Suggestions:
  • Important suggestions
    • Separate spawners into Tiers, So things will be fun. example:
  • Tier 1: Animal Spawners. Cost: ~100k-1m Output- 20k/day or smthn per spawner
  • Tier 2: Zomb, Skele, Creeper. Cost: 5m-25m Output: 200k/day/spawners
  • Etc so reset takes longer next time, this season people already got rich on the first month (those who used their brains)
    • Also, the loot of tier 1 should be plenty (Eg 1 loot per 5 sec or smthn) and the higher the tier the fewer loot (example tier 2 is 1 loot per 30 sec, tier 3 1 loot per 2mins per spawner) So server wouldnt lag from entities and too many hoppers since less loot= less hoppers neede. PVE[ Player Versus Environment] Arenas and PVA [Player Versus All]- Players can fight mobs in PVE instead of players and can be friendly, increasing Fun And PVA Parties can form to hunt mobs and other players, special loot may drop
    • Bosses and minions To fight in the PVE And PVA Arenas- These bosses and minions will spawn randomly in the arenas. The bosses will drop Unique items only dropped by themselves such as rare customenchants, prot 5 armor and stuff like that while minnions can drop cash, exp and fun items!
    • Add Chestshop+ Auctionhouse Taxes? :p For selling items so its funner ^_^
    • Change Auctionhouse To AuctionGUI - Better Auction experience with AuctionGUI, You can bid on them unlike auctionhouse. Make them donor only tho so auction isnt flooded.
    • Add Secondary islands , You can Make multiple islands with ONE Account and can warp using /is Home [Island#]. These can be acquired from Rank Perks or store
    • Drop Party- Make it so like a player can host a dropparty and get tped to a warp and players get invited to it- You can get vouchers which can let you from crates. This is so players who want to dp items have an easier time getting players
    • Maximum entity item stack size [the ones in the floor] set to 512, It will help with storage systems.
    • Custom Items- Items that can be created with specific items. Example :
      • 512 string, 16 obsidian 64 sticks and 50000 exp to create God's Wrath Bow Power 7 Unbreaking 5 Punch 5 Infinity 1
      • 729 Diamonds, 64 obsidian, 4 Nether star to create sharp 8 Dia sword
      • You guys can use your creativity on this
    • Beta Test for 2 weeks before final release to a close beta of ~75 players. Us players need to test it for bugs, exploit and other things to make sure nothing is broken so that what happened in dream wont happen again, or atleast the damage will be reduced.
    • PV Expansion Vouchers in Crates- These will be rare. This item gives you +1 Pv Slot and players have a 5 slot max for Default-vip 10 slot for warrior-champ and 15 for lord god [You can also get +1 Max Slot From Rare Crates]
    • Add more custom enchants. - By every player in dream
    • More CE Levels. Quickdraw From II-> V Hulk III->5 Overload III->V
    • Vouchers become Virtual - Virtual storage for them so that they dont get lost. You can send these vouchers to other players.
    • Grinding change- To Avoid Hackers getting too much of an advantage , i recommend limiting Kills/Sec done to mobs by players to be set at 2. Also , Inquisitive should do Multipliers instead of adding per level. Also put something to check if player is really the one grinding or if hes using autoclickers/auras [Suggested by OwlerPax]
    • Add a rare Currency we can use to trade with other players that has only a limited ammount [like bitcoin irl] :p That will revive economy in case the main one fails.
    • Add More island challenges :p
    • Add Perks Related to challenge completion ;p
    • Add something that can compress item. For example, you have 512 Bones [8x 64]. You can use /compress to convert that into a single item that has value equivalent to 512 bones :p
Post A Like Reaction if you agree :)
Also Max Max If you need me to explain what those suggestions mean , feel free to message me on discord At Poke#0399
-I will be editing this over time, If you want your suggestion to be added here Tag Me or pm me if you think some things are wrong with my suggestions ^_^-
No you don't hulk V hulk 3 already does tons of damage unless we got protection up to 6


Dec 12, 2016
FOR BRODDI! I apologize for having to use google docs, when I tried to post this it said "you cannot post this content" , there was nothing inappropriate or profane.


i do agree with the supply drops getting better loot,but most things you have suggested haven't been implemented in Factions (Costum mobs,bosses etc.) i do like the idea of an outpost being added! i still think you are trying to copy big servers wich i do not like,ehh i wont 'Diss' you any further. Have a great day!
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