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Mar 11, 2018
Reporting Rule Breakers


This thread is made for players to combine all the report related guides. Once you have finished reading this thread, simply click the upwards arrow on the bottom right of the page to go back up here!

Hopefully, after reading this thread, you will become more familiar with reporting the offending players and you will help us to catch them faster.

Report on Forums

Reporting players that are ruining the fun of the game by Swearing, Hacking, etc... is the best way to make the network a better place for you or other players. For now, we don't have enough staff to monitor all the server with over 1000 players. Our staff members will review your report as soon as they can and accept your report if it met all the requirements when you reported another player or deny your report if it is not meeting the requirements. We love our community to be involved and take action when they see something that is offending them or they don't like to make Jartex Network a place where you can socialize, playing fair games and have fun.

General Reporting Rules

You may not ask staff to look at your report;
You must fill out all information to 100% honesty;
You may only report a player if they are not banned and/or muted yet;
Fullscreen videos and/or screenshots;
Nothing may be blurred out / cropped out.
For mutes, you may use evidence to report only if it was taken within maximum 24 hours after the rule was broken.

For bans, you may use evidence to report only if it was taken within maximum 7 days after the rule was broken.

Player Hacking Report Rules
The player must have broken the (game-play) rules on JartexNetwork;
At least 30 FPS;
At least 720P video quality;
The video must be 3 minutes or under, if the video is longer than 3 minutes you must provide timestamps.

Player Chat Report Rules
The player must have broken the (chat) rules on JartexNetwork;
You may only report high tier chat reports, players saying 'shit' does not count as chat report.

Report In-Game

We work so hard every day to rid the server of rule breakers, but, as we are human too and can only do so much, we are asking you for help. We do have staff members with warn/mute/ban permissions from different time zones, but sometimes the punishment must be longer and the privileges are held by moderators and we can't have so many moderators as we would like, due to the fact that we want quality moderators who are very good at what they do.

You can send a private message to a staff member if he/she is online. We recommend to wait patiently for the reply from the staff member and if he/she didn't respond after a few minutes, you can lightly remind the staff member, but please do not spam.

Please note: Writing or spamming in the Public Chat that a player is hacking, you will be warned or even muted if you already have a previous warn with the reason "Hackusating".
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