Report players hacking

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Feb 8, 2020
Hello, I would like to repport a certain number of players hacking on sky wars and its really getting frustrating. They have been seen using fly or placing blocks really fast in the air, not taking any damage what so ever for certain of them.

This is getting on my nerves while playing !
here is the list / thank you for doing the necessary.

- Annip
- Swaggerhuhn
-Blowerman (this guy I have Screens If you need proof )
- Ak_subzero ( also teaming )

I ask you to trust me on this only trying to make my experience on this server better for everyone in this case / XslaterX can also testify that does players where hacking during play time.

Sorry for the grammar, French guy doing his best :)
Adrien (Ziodeadri512)
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