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Apr 27, 2018
this is very helpful and i believe it should be pinged at the top :whistle:


Apr 6, 2018

Added Rank mines


since a lot of people asking for the commands and their use, here is what I can show u.

Start of the server:
You will be spawned in the /spawn. The first thing u should do is do /kits and check out your available kits.
In the main area from the spawn you'll find:

Crate Boxes:
U can open your keys here, Vote keys, Rare keys, Ultra keys, God keys and Pickaxe keys.
Vote keys as the name already told u, can be obtained by voting on the server.

U can PVP there and mine blocks which have a better rarity than the standard mines u will have access to visit in the first few moments. Also the hourly Supply Crates will drop there. U can gain:

Vote Keys
Rare Keys

Item Rename Tags
Percentages of Rankup cost
and other cool things.

Right, u can gamble here. Use the command /cf to see if there are open Coin Flips and click them if u feel brave enough to enter one. Do /cf create [Price] [Head/Tail]

With /merchant you can destroy your pick for roughly 10% of its worth. Things like the 1.5K pick will give you 10,000 Tokens this way.

Token Booster:
U can find Token boosters on the right after walking a little path on the spawn. They will gamble tokens and u can gain even more.


This prison server owns custom plugins and custom enchants for your pickaxe aswell.
If u just want to start mining and you not a donor do /warp A and u will be ported to the A-Mine where u can
mine and sell your Items by right clicking the iron golems you'll find on each side of the mine.

as u probably already noticed there is a rankup % above your XP task. It bassically shows u how far you away / for much % of the money needed for a rankup u have. By doing /Ranks u will see all the possible ranks and their cost.

By doing /shop u will get a gui to buy all different kinds up blocks and can start building on your plot.

By doing /warp plots u can go to the Plotworld. After u there, just do /plot auto and u will get a free plot. By doing /plot h u can always teleport to your plot.

Pickaxes and upgrades:
Pickaxes can be upgraded to mine more blocks in a single hit. You have to work hard for them, but every enchant is it worth.

Starter Pickaxe:
As JartexPrison is a OP-Prison server you will receive a Fortune 25, Efficiency 25, Unbreaking 25 pickaxe
as the starter pick. To upgrade your pickaxe shift and rightclick while holding your pick.

Level 1 = A
Level 2 = B
Level 3 = C Gray Rank
Level 4 = D
Level 5 = E

Level 6 - 10 = F Dark Blue Rank
Level 11 - 15 = G Green Rank
Level 16 - 20 = H Blue Rank
Level 21 - 25 = I Red Rank
Level 26 - 30 = J Purple Rank
Level 31 - 35 = K Orange Rank
Level 36 - 40 = L Grey Rank
Level 41 - 45 = M Dark Blue Rank
Level 46 - 50 = N Light Green Rank
Level 51 - 55 = O Light Blue Rank
Level 56 - 60 = P Crab Rank

Level 61 - 65 = Q Magenta Rank

Level 66+ will have Bold written numbers.

Level 66 - 70 = R Yellow Rank
Level 71 - 75 = S Dark Blue Rank
Level 76 - 80 = T Light Green Rank
Level 81 - 85 = U Light Blue Rank
Level 86 - 90 = V Crab Rank
Level 91 - 100 = W
Level 101 - 110 = X Dark Green Rank
Level 111 - 115 = Y Purple Rank
Level 116 - 000 = Z Orange Rank

Enchants will boost your Pickaxe and or make it less hard to break blocks.

Explodes all the blocks around and gives them to you. This enchant can go up to lvl 2000

Since the explosive enchant got recoded, here it is a little bit better:
Big increase:
Level 51
Big increase: Level 101
Big increase: Level 501
Big increase: Level 1001
Very big increase: Level 1501
Biggest increase of all: Level 1751
Level 1752 - 2000 Smoothing the explosion

Explosive LevelUp costs (current)

Level 0 - 200 = 20 Tokens ( 4,000 Tokens )
Level 201 - 400 = 40 Tokens (
8,000 Tokens )
Level 401 - 600 = 50 Tokens (
10,000 Tokens )
Level 601 - 800 = 60 Tokens (
12,000 Tokens )
Level 801 - 1250 = 70 Tokens (
31,500 Tokens )
Level 1251 - 2000 = 85 Tokens (
63,750 Tokens )

Overall: 120,250 Tokens
Gives u more blocks from mining the same type of item. This enchant can go up to lvl 2500
Fortune more blocks chance:

Level 501 +1
Level 1001 +2
Level 2001 +3

Fortune LevelUP costs (current)

Level 0 - 200 = 20 Tokens ( 4,000 Tokens )
Level 201 - 400 = 35 Tokens ( 7,000 Tokens )
Level 401 - 600 = 50 Tokens ( 10,000 Tokens )
Level 601 - 800 = 65 Tokens ( 13,000 Tokens )
Level 801 - 1250 = 80 Tokens ( 36,000 Tokens )
Level 1251 - 2500 = 95 Tokens ( 118,750 Tokens )

Overall: 188,750 Tokens
Makes your pickaxe break blocks faster. This enchant can go up to lvl 1000
After hitting Efficiency level 28 u can one hit blocks while flying.
Efficiency LevelUP costs (current)

Level 1 - 100 = 3 Tokens ( 300 Tokens )
Level 101 - 150
= 5 Tokens ( 250 Tokens )
Level 151 - 1000 = 8 Tokens ( 6,800 Tokens )

Overall: 7,350 Tokens
Token Greed:
Has a slight chance of giving u more tokens while mining. This enchant can go up to lvl 75
Level: 1 up to 1 Token
Level: 14 up to 2 Tokens
Level: 21 up to 3 Tokens
Level: 24 up to 4 Tokens
Level: 28 up to 5 Tokens
Level: 35
up to 6 Tokens
Level: 36
up to 7 Tokens
Level: 42 up to 8 Tokens
Level: 49
up to 9 Tokens
Level: 51 up to 10 Tokens
Level: 56 up to 11 Tokens
Level: 59 up to 12 Tokens
Level: 72 up to 13 Tokens [Very Rare]

Duo to a new change we cant fully say the amount of tokens gainable.
The lowest possible token u can gain is
+1 and the highest +13

Tokengreed LevelUP costs (current)

Level 0 - 11 = 250 Tokens ( 2750 Tokens )
Level 12 - 26 = 300 Tokens (
4,500 Tokens )
Level 27 - 35 = 350 Tokens (
3,150 Tokens )
Level 36 - 50 = 400 Tokens (
5,600 Tokens )
Level 51 - 75 = 435 Tokens (
10,875 Tokens )

Overall: 26,875 Tokens
Gives u jump boost. This enchant can go up to lvl 3
Wabbit costs 25 Tokens per level

Overall: 75 Tokens
Gives u a haste effect, which makes mining faster. This enchant can go up to lvl 3
Haste costs 45 Tokens per level

Overall: 135 Tokens
Gives u a speed effect which makes u faster. This enchant can go up to lvl 5
Speed costs 20 Tokens per level

Overall: 100 Tokens
Night vision:
Gives u a night vission effect which let u see in the dark. This enchant goes to up to lvl 1

Gives more durability to your Pickaxe. This enchant has no limit, u can upgrade it as often as u want.

So a maxed pickaxe will cost: 343,460 - 343,555 Tokens depending if u like night vision
and wabbit on your pickaxe (personal ruins the pickaxe.)

Backpacks are used to transfer more items while mining to reduce the time u spend running to the golem to sell your stuff on a minimum. Each backpack can hold up to 5000 slots. A starter backpack can be purchased in /tshop under backpacks and will cost u 3,000 Tokens. The standard size of a backpack is 500 slots and can be upgraded. Each upgrade will cost u another 1,500 Tokens. U can upgrade your backpack 30 times. U can hold 3 backpacks at the same time in your inventory, everything which is more than 3 will not work. The best technique is to buy 3 backpacks and then upgrade one by one.

Backpacks, when?
You should start getting the first backpack after u hit explosion 500 and above. By this time it wont be that hard to lose 3,000 tokens. Remember, it's an investment. While upgrading your explosion slowly upwards the 1000+ area u can keep buying the other 2 backpacks, but I wouldn't suggest to upgrade them. As you will have 1500 extra slots and get almost the double money you can go and tokenmine + mine normal. Depending on your current rank and how much money u make u can start opening a token shop for 2 - 4 billion a token. Of course the money will decrease but u want to get the items first before you go mine money like crazy. You will try to keep your backpacks as low as possible till u reach 1500+ explosion. This is the time your explosion will increase more and more and you will need more slots for your inv. Keep it upgrading as you rise with the enchants. U might get a 3 to 50 system, so you upgrade 50x your explosion or fortune (for fortune only counts on lvl 1000+ otherwise add 60 - 70.) and then try to level each backpack once or one 3 times. This will slowly bring you to your goal.

Starting of with one thing most of the people doing wrong: Leveling up tokengreed to like 3 or 5 then trying to get explosive up, all wrong. If u start new and want a "OP-Pickaxe" with less time, then go with:
Upgrade your pickaxe to efficiency lvl 28 ( if u use a starter pickaxe ) if not go instant to explosive lvl 1. After hitting explosive one go to tokengreed level 1, since tokengreed lvl 1 or 10 makes no differents its a waste of tokens right now.

Second step:
Level up explosive to 51, this will give your pickaxe a massive boost and mining / mining tokens will come way faster. Now keep upgrading explosive till u reach level 101, this will boost your pickaxe with a explosive radius 2x as big as it was before.

Third step:
Now upgrade your pickaxe to tokengreed 28 - 36 ( depens on how u like to farm.)
the next big step will be to get your pickaxe up to level 501 explosive. That might take some time, but the result will be mind blowing and will help u in the next few steps.
Now u level up tokengreed to the max if u havent alrdy and focus on getting some tokens to get at least level 200 fortune ( 250 would be better ) that will take u around 4000 - 5000 tokens which will be like 1 - 2 hours farming with your pickaxe.

Fourth and hardest step:
Get your pickaxe up to level 1001 explosive, this will increase your pickaxe explosion up to 3-4x the explosive u own right now and bassicly let u one tap your inventory. Token farming at this level would be around 2000-3000/h normal mining and 6000-10000/h token mining. ( by now buying backpacks is a must have to not 24/7 fly to the seller. )

Fifth step:
Now its just getting easier! Upgrade your pickaxe to lvl 1501 Explosive and the radius again will increase by 2x. Now u can go upgrade your fortune to level 500 and look at the magic.

Sixth step:
Get your explosive to lvl 2000 and u bassicly won the game. Your inventory will fill in like no time even tho if u have all 3 backpacks on the max ( 5000 slots ) the only thing that is left is to upgrade your fortune a bit more. By this time u might already be rank Y or already have prestiged, but the next prestige will go in no time.

After all the talking about tokens its time to learn, what tokens are:
Tokens are used to upgrade your pickaxe and can be obtained by simply mining. Each 3000th block u have mined you will gain 1 Token. The enchant TokenGreed (TG) will interact with this.

Example: U mine 3000 blocks and would of gained 1 token, but Token Greed has been activated itself and gave u another free token.
The amount of tokens u gain extra depens on how good your Token Greed is.
Tokens can be obtained by doing
/tokens withdraw [amount]

Token Shop:
This fairly awesome gadget is here to improve the token-waste system a bit.
U can buy backpacks and upgrade them to have more inventory space and gain more money
in one sell. U can gain access to it by doing

This is a Prison Server so obviously u need a gang to have the better feeling.
U can create a gang by using:
/g create [Name]
You will have a level system in your gang which can be increased by doing daily missions.
Levels can be used to buy special perks which can help u and your whole gang.

By doing /g invite [Name] you can invite people to your gang. U also have a InGame shop for your gang itself. by doing /g shop In the shop u can buy upgrades for your gang which give u money each minute.The money will be splitted by the amount of players in your gang ( they have to be online.)
and u will also gain the money by being AFK.

Top Gangs:
There is a top list for the gangs and u can win real prizes like PayPal money by being one of the top 3 Gangs on the server. /g top will show u the top gangs.

Boosters can be bought in /buy and give a 60 minute long advantage for everyone which is currently online. The available boosters are: double money and double tokens.
After buying a booster it will be shown in /booster. U will also see, if a booster currently is enabled.

When reaching one of the rebirth levels u will be rewarded with 0,1x sell multiplier and 2,500 Tokens.

After u hit the 5th Rebirth u can go to the Freeworld that is a normal singleplayer world u will gain access to.
U will keep all your items and can start building out in the free world and get items that might not be possible to get while u in prison. The command for that will be
/warp free.

The rebirths from 1-5:
Rebirth 1: Level 1 - 49
Rebirth 2: Level 1 - 74
Rebirth 3: Level 1 - 99
Rebirth 4: Level 1 - 124
Rebirth 5: Level 1 - 125

That's all I got for now, Ik the grammar isn't 100% correct, but if u find any more things which should be added, post em down below!