Jartex Factions, PVP Complaints for 2nd PotPVP season

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Jan 19, 2017
Hello I am going to talk about how factions pvp works for 2nd season already and why nobody liked it ever since.
I am making this topic because I can see that everyone this season hates this kind of PVP with pots and armors pop too quick, the complaints about this season are too common.I want you to realise that players do not like this season's PVP in general, only few might say it's good but really it is when they get lucky on kills.

Since the start of july 2017 season, disarmor was not active at all meaning that chances for u to kill and get killed are decreased which with that reason pots are more safe to use.

As you know, evolution of factions PVP is changing more into competitive surviving and short lasting PVP and that means it's becoming more difficult to survive because you have pots as your healing resource, custom enchantments with level 3 strength effect and nothing that can protect you a lot from all sorts of damage except gapples which are rare and mostly is P2W and pots, Crapples are best used for non constant PVP so it gives you enough time to heal.

I am happy that there is a lot of health damage custom enchantments, but only is great if pots are not used for this reason.
I agree that in this season it is a lot more difficult to survive but at the same time it's completely garbage since you have to constantly heal yourself when you are getting critted and you will not get that much chance to strike back, Block hitting does help but not much since I did 7 hearts with god sword to full regular p4 player which is near death, Drunk III players with max swords can maximumly kill you in 2 hits if you are in full p4.

"Get good" is not an excuse for this season's PVP, it's garbage excuse and players need to stop. In this season you can become a lot less better than someone else since armors durability is short lasting and your potions are getting drained from Drunk III player even a hacker.

I have many reasons to make this topic and complaint I will declare why.
I actually care about becoming god here and PVP in general and actually want to enjoy this season's PVP and want to have a far higher chance of kills. I have died too many times and lost about 30 god sets mainly cause of armor's durability, ganks and constant healing during PVP.
I am getting bored, sick and tired of this PVP type and it is only luck for me to kill someone.
This is more of gank to win season IMO, 2 seasons ago it was sometimes like that but u did have a chance to kill a lot.

In this season you literally cannot enjoy PVP, there is more complaints than fun.

If PVP was boring I wouldn't of did it here.
I explain my perspective on this PVP type and how I see it, it's not great thing that I can see, Short like PVP, and ugly.

Also my 2nd reason for complaint is Hackers, yes it has been in minecraft server communities ever since but some servers manage it unlike this, anti cheat is disabled, hackers can kill you even in your trap and just escape.

Thanks for reading my opinion.
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Aug 15, 2016
as i stated in my post, you should remove most of the big damage dealer custom enchants and leave some decent ones that aren't "OP" in this case and completely focus on potpvp and making gapples VERY rare
Nov 15, 2016
PvP is nearly as bad as I can be currently. Wish disarmor and antidisarmor being changed, it was a set in the right direction but still not close to good. The custom enchants currently are made to work along with hulk, and /repairer. With hulk not in the game. It’s way too easy to get quick popped and it takes away from the enjoyment. I think that there needs to be fewer high damage enchants, but they need to be replaced with ones that find a good place between fun and annoying. For example, an enchant that lights everyone around you on fire, or a shockwave on armor that sends everyone in like a 3 block radius flying to make ganking less .
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