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Apr 28, 2018
Yoo what's up EPIC gamers?!
Welcome to my EPIC introduction, I will start it by talking about myself.
So, I'm Vessalie / Suis / Daniel ( My real name ) and I'm currently 14 years old, my birthday is on April 25th, I like to play Minecraft and Growtopia in my free time. I also like to talk to people on Discord. I don't like playing Sports since it's gae.

Gamemodes I play on Jartex:
Kit PvP,
Practice PvP,
Sometimes Bedwars.
Sometimes Creative.

Why did I become a staff member?

That genuinely is a good question, first of all how I would want to answer is that I just always wanted to be someone who has a voice in this community, I always wanted to become a staff member to actually help people and try to resolve their issues and make them feel welcome in our community. Also, a huge thing I wanted to do is to try to clean the server from hackers by becoming a staff member, I wanted to be a part of this lovely community and becoming someone higher than just a member :voodoo:

I would want to name some of my favourite staff members that are great friends!

_Hey__ _Hey__ Kindest, funniest and best guy I met in the staff team, really helpful and friendly :gay_heart_pride:
CloudyNugs CloudyNugs Also a really funny and kind person, prob the best comedian in the staff team <3
SadTap SadTap Really good friend that helped me with a lot of stuff which I appreciate :rene:
Overseer192 Overseer192 and OverAchiever192 OverAchiever192 You guys are like the best people I ever played with, it's so entertaining to play with you guys, you lot are also really funny and friendly, ly! :giggle:
k4oSs_GamIng k4oSs_GamIng You are extremely kind, I really enjoy talking with you, ily papi :p
Flappix Flappix Even tho we had couple arguments in the past I still ly, really helpful and kind person, ly! :cool:
natty_sword natty_sword We might not be really good friends but I wanted to put you on here since you had helped me like the most out of anyone since I ever became a staff member, and I appreciate that really badly, ly :whistle:
Raiding101 Raiding101 Ayyye, ma boi. ily :grandma:
voodootje0 voodootje0 Best owner ever, really helpful and kind :giggle:
Wrath Wrath Quality admin, helpful and amazing at managing, keep it up (y)
Voxl Voxl , MoudTage MoudTage and NukemHD NukemHD , DrogonMC DrogonMC , Hardable Hardable , SwagPancakes SwagPancakes , JohnMak JohnMak Don't think that I put you at the bottom because I don't like you, I just don't want this introduction to be really long, anyways I love ya'll, you lot are pretty helpful and kind! :D

Hopefully, we can meet on the battlefield and we can get that EPIC Victory Royale together! :cool:
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