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Apr 20, 2018
Hey! My name is Victor also known as Hardable or my past ign:VCTR17.
I was born and raised in Massachusetts. But my parents are both from Mexico :D
My hobbies are gaming, playing sports(Soccer,Football, and etc), listening to music, and chatting.
My favorite Football team is of course the New England Patriots due to the fact I was born in New England and I grew up watching and loving the Patriots! My favorite soccer team is Manchesr United since I was the age of 7 or 6(Currently I’m 13, June 9th 2005). And I enjoy the team’s plays and players.
The game modes I play a lot on Jartex are Bedwars, Kitpvp, Skyblock Dream, and Creative.
I joined JartexNetwork near September, 2017.
The main couple of reasons I desired to become a staff member because I enjoyed playing the server A LOT and I loved to see players getting happy when I resolve their issue(s). And the other main reason was the keep the server clean. You don’t know how many hackers I faced in the past but never got the chance to record them. But now I can since I put my dedication to my Job and I thrive to the next staff role in my career as staff on JartexNetwork.
My Main Good friends I like to hang out/talk with is Overseer192,OverAchiever192,K4oSs_GamIng
Shout out to them ❤️
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