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Feb 7, 2017
Hello people of JartexNetwork!

Who am i?
I'm Fugestly people call me also Kyan (Irl name) Fuge, fugy, ...
Where do i live?
I live in belgium (the small country with the good beers and chocolate wink wink)
How old am i ?
I'm 16y old so that means in 2y i can ride a car!!!
What gamemodes am i active on?
Im mostly playing Skyblock dream, prison, kitpvp and creative
What motivated me to become a staff member?
1) Actually when i was a normal player players already msging me with questions. I liked to answer them.
2) Some of my Jartex friends were just telling me to apply and i did!!
3) I just love the staff team and i always wanted to work with them.

Extra things about me.
Im a god in pvp and i like to kill Andeh Andeh
I like to annoy Flappix Flappix

Im a dumb person
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