Important Gamemode Guide: SkyWars

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Sep 25, 2017
Gamemode Guide: SkyWars
What is SkyWars?
SkyWars is a gamemode where players need to defeat all opponents while moving from island to island. The SkyWars server is made out multiple lobbies, where you relax and talk to others, and multiple game servers, where you play the actual game. Please keep in mind that there are rules about what not to do while in a game. They can be found in the Jartex Rule Book.

Getting started
In order to start a game of SkyWars, you will need to select one of the game types. You can choose from Solo Normal Mode, Team Normal Mode or Solo Rush Mode. You can select one of these by clicking on the NPC in the lobby that corresponds with that game type. After you have selected a game type, you will be moved into the waiting lobby of the game. In here you can select your kit by clicking on Kit Selector in your inventory. You can also change your cage color while in the lobby. If you want to leave a game, you can always use the /leave command, which will bring you back to the SkyWars lobby.

Game objectives
After the game starts, you will need to complete the objective: become the last man or woman standing. You can achieve this by killing all other players in the game (that are not in your team). More information about how to effectively win a game can be found in the guide from Peachiie Peachiie .

Collecting stuff
In order to win a match, you will need to collect stuff from loot chests. These can be found on nearly every island, and contain useful items like gear, blocks and food. Loot chests will get refilled after some time, which can be known by following the timer in the scoreboard.

Earning brains and coins, and spending them
While playing SkyWars games, you will earn coins and brains. You get those for killing players and winning matches. Coins can be used to buy so-called abilities, by clicking on the SkyWars Shop in your inventory while in the SkyWars lobby. Coins can also be used to buy brains. This feature can also be found in the shop. Brains are used for the so-called Brain Washer. Here brains will be transferred into either a kit or a cage, which you can use in games. Keep in mind that some kits need to be unlocked by buying a rank from the store. Ranks will also give you some other nice features, which can be found in the lists on the store page itself.

Other Gamemode Guides

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