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Jun 8, 2018
Unperm me, and I will convince that i am not hacking on your server.............
There is a possibility that your console is banning people/players for no reason
I'm serious that you believe that i'm HACKING.
I hope you staff member that will understand that I am hacking or not?

I'm not trying to threat you don't even understand how innocent players
have gotten into from falling into a cheated path.

Some players that say "Why am i banned?....I'm not even Hacking"

How can you prove that as a trust worthy staff member for saying an INNOCENT person is Hacking?

As soon as possible,Try asking your other staff that you can prove that your a truly a worthy one?

DO YOU THINK KNOWLEDGE IS POWER?,What are you gonna do about it?

Players will see that they will choose Agree or Disagree
Dec 16, 2018
How is this a public speech? Is it even a speech? If you're trying to be somewhat professional at least fix your grammar.

- Yes, console bans players by ACCIDENT , but why are you suing Vessalie about this? Vessalie didn't make the console.
- How are you not threating if you're the one whose making this a deal?
- Innocent players getting false bans?
I mean, just make an unban appeal is it that hard?

Also, if players got unbanned and hack again, they will be punished harder and stricter.

Accidents may happen, not everyone is perfect.
You don't just sue a staff and demote a staff for that reason. Everybody has a second chance.

Just make an unban appeal, and you'll have the chance to get unban. No need for you to sue someone who didn't do anything.


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Apr 28, 2018
You were blatantly using Liquid bounce client as shown here.
Your screen:

Liquid bounce:

You will not be unbanned as you were blatantly hacking but you can try to be unbanned by appealing here ->

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