Update Factions reset data?!

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May 2, 2016
Hey Guys,

This post will be about the Factions Server reset we've been long anticipating.

We've got a fully new, super awesome and great server in the works, and we are happy to announce that it will be released this Saturday. We're expecting the faction release to be around 5PM (Dutch time), however don't be surprised if it's a little bit later.

About the reset;

There will be a fresh new map with some amazing new features. From bug fixes to new additions. We hope jartex got everything that you need to have a great faction experience. You'll hopefully discover all the new features.

New things added;

· We have a brand new host. (hopefully less lag)

· Added a tinkerer and dust!

· Added some brand new custom enchantments!

· Shop has been removed from spawn to remove some lag.

· We got a fully new theme for the server. Last season was Dessert this season will be Jungle!

· We have added a /warp info for some server information and some faction information for the new faction players.

· Added King of the Hill. (It can be played in warzones of the Overworld, Nether or The End)

· We have added 1.7 sponges and fixed some cannoning problems.

· Added coin flip check it out at /warp gamble or type /cf.

· We also added leader heads you can check them out in the spawn.

· Some small modifications to the economy.

· Disabled spawner CRATE for the first couple weeks.

· Disabled item renaming.

· New combat log plugin.

· Made some changes to the shop plugin.

· /tnt fill is now a thing!

· Redid supplycrates/ autctionhouse.

· The End and the Nether do also have a little warzone now. You can find king of the hill in those warzones!

· Buckets can stack now type /stack to stack your buckets up to 8 buckets.


Found some old gear that is not what you need or got some customenchantbooks you already got? This guy the tinkerer can change your armor in to exp or change your customenchantbooks in Angel or Fixing dust



What is conflip is your question? It’s just like the head or tails but then remade in minecraft with some cool effects!


Item Rename Tag

What is a rename tag and why did we make this? Maybe some of you guys have seen it in the auction house. People that are selling renamed Spawners or renamed Tripwire hooks into crate keys. It became annoying so we turned off item renaming. You're probably wondering how can we rename items now. You can get those rename tags through crates or buy them at store.jartexnetwork.com for only €0.50.



What did we change with combatlog?

We have added the commands /f create, /f enemy, /f show and /f claim. Also made the combat messages less spamming and placed it above your xp bar. You also hate it when you’re in a fight and your hitting grass all the time instead of the player? We have made it so grass will remove around you when your combat tagged!


That’s all for this reset. We hope you're all as excited as we are, and thank you for playing JartexNetwork!

The JartexNetwork Staff Team


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Jun 2, 2016
Awesome! The development team did an awesome job again. Good to have you guys ;)! #Hype!


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Jun 4, 2016
This is going to be very cool .
Good job with the coding / the work spent on this reset . I hope next reset is gonna take a while before coming :p
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