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Jul 30, 2017
What about We should Removed those custom enchant and make it Normal Facs??


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Aug 15, 2016
So this is my idea list for the next Faction season! (updated list)
Some of these ideas are mentioned above, and some of these are mine. I just wanted to make every good suggestion (in my opinion) in one list.
Balanced economy.
Pretty understandable already, this season was an example of a unbalanced economy - villagers made too much money, and made most of the spawners just useless, so people only focused on one thing which is villager spawners. This is my opinion how to fix the economy issues - Make the top spawners cost around the same price and drop loot around the same price, so people buy other spawners too, not only focus on one thing. Same thing to lower tier spawners, doesn't cost that much and price is okay too.
More spawners.
This is like basically about the economy, by adding more spawners it will make people not focus on one spawner, but on some other ones too. And make the server more flexable if you get my point. Because this season no one really focused on multiple things.
Faction fly for everyone.
Self explanatory, make the server less pay-to-win, so people don't complain about the server being pay-to-win. To make people who bought fly not complain, well they should have access to fly in enemy territory too, and wilderness of-course. This would work like this, if there is someone 100-150 blocks (y and z) near you, your fly will stop working, same with people who bought /fly, so if people with no /fly is raiding you they will have equal chances.
More competitive Factions.
Here I will go trough multiple things that could make the server way more competitive.
So starting off - less gapples, by this I mean make them harder to get, maybe from mining and doing /f missions, that I will discuss later in the post.
And of-course, to the people who paid to get gapples from their kits, they get them, but less. Because starting from Titan and above gapples aren't really a problem. So I would suggest lowering the amount.

Next thing that I want to go trough is multiple KOTH's a day, so people that don't make it in time have another chance, so in my opinion make the koth like every 4 hours so in case people miss it they have another chance to get KOTH in that day. Of-course this will increase PvP in general and make the server more enjoyable. Make the prizes more balanced, in case this actually gets implemented, because this might cause some economy problems if done incorrectly.

Now talking about Palace/OutPost.
This is a very suggested idea by the community, and as the other ones, it would make the server more competitive and more enjoyable. And my idea about the Palace is - It happens 24/7 the faction who is capping it gets 10% more sell price in their claims,(I know this isn't much but to make it balanced you don't have to go ham on the sales) things from the /shop costs 5% less I know this isn't much but still will make the server a bit more balanced. And this would be very helpful at the start of the map, it would really change the server a lot!

This is a thing that was soon to get added but never did - Spawner durability.
In my opinion this is THE KEY to make factions way more competitive, and I know most of you will agree with this.
There is various ways to make this happen, but here is mine - When you place a spawner it starts a countdown to 5 minutes, so you can mine them just in-case you misplace them. And if it's past the 5 minute mark spawners aren't mine-able until some time period (Best option - 1 week).
I have no idea how this would effect the server's speed, it would most likely not go well, since there is constant timers going on around the server.
If this idea won't workout, the other option in my opinion is - 5/5 durability, every time you mine a spawner it loses 1 durability point. If you've mined the spawner 5 times it will break.

Spawners in wilderness/unclaimed bases. This is another major thing that ruins the competitive feeling and economy.
So this happens when people just don't want to get raided, plus this ruins the experience for other players and it will make Factions less fun, because there is no raids. So here is my idea how to prevent it.
So to start off, make it so you cannot place spawners in wilderness. Make it so you cannot unclaim land that contains spawners, so no abuse occurs.

Another thing I want to talk about is - more loot in supply drops.
This would make the people PvP more often if the supply drops actually contained decent stuff, you should add some special rare items like a sharpness VI sword, or something unique that would make people want to go to the crates, and have a chance to have a very special item in return.
This would seriously increase the PvP, and make the server more fun.
Koth changes.
No one has really talked about this, at least what I've heard. So hear is my opinion -
  • Remove the carpets, so it's just red wool blocks. (carpets sometimes activate the teleport glitch and you get stuck in them).
  • Make them actually symmetrical, maybe 7x7.
  • Make rare items drop, as towelMan mentioned above - Unique items like VI swords, maybe some very good bows, or something that anyone would like yo recieve, obviously the chances need to be low or else it will be very unbalanced. My suggestions for unique drops - A sellwand, Sharpness VI swords, Ranks, even tho these are already in, a spawner that isn't buyable, and makes a good amount of money.
Crop Hoppers, and mob hoppers.
Again, self explanatory. Makes the server more fun and enjoyable.
I'm pretty sure all of the factions players know what these are, and I wont bother wasting my time explaining.

Well this idea would only work out if the owners are 100% sure the server won't be that laggy, since pot-pvp in laggy servers is just impossible and that will make people quit instantly. To balance this out, as I meantion above in the post, make gapples pretty rare. So if this gets added in any way, please make sure the server won't be laggy, it will ruin the PvP experience entirely.
Quests and Faction missions.
This would make the server a bit more fun, and if you're bored you can just go ahead and do these things.
Quests - self explanatory, has a quest, if you get everything required you get a prize, harder the challenge is, better the prize.
Faction missions - By doing faction missions you obtain some interesting stuff for your faction, maybe like more claims, increase the limit of members in the factions, some prizes, maybe /f chest or something where you can store stuff for your faction. And more interesting ideas if you have one.

Balance Factions.
So a major thing this season was - buffer claims. They should be bannable in general, because this season we had a base with over 400 walls each side, and due to the Jartex TnT limit being too low it was impossible to raid it without glitching. So my suggestion is to make Buffer-Claim bannable.
Allow printer - It is very helpful when cannoning, not making the cannon, but stacking sand. It is hard to stack sand for a 255 stacker, so with printer it would be a bit more easier, and the fact that printer is laggy for most servers it won't really effect making cannons, since it's basically impossible to make a cannon with it.
Allow to /sethome in enemy territory but it will be deleted in 30 minutes, so if you are raiding someone solo, or with a team (doesn't matter), you don't have to set a home at your cannon and then fly or go back to the base. (If this gets added, please make sure no glitches will be possible).
More interesting Factions.
This is just my idea how you could make the factions work more interesting, not only work, but everything in general.
Adding rare drops from mining, or killing someone would be good. For example you have a 1 out of 100 chance to get a rare item from mining, or something like this. This would make base-work more fun in general.
Yes, I know. This is kinda like copy-catting, but in my opinion every factions server should have this. This would truly make the experience more fun and enjoyable.


These are some extra features that I just wanted to mention.
  • No fly in enemy territory, makes the server less pay-to-win.
  • A better shop, because this season it was just horrible, a lot of cannoning stuff was missing, still some other blocks missing. And one more thing I forgot to mention is potions in shop, this was very annoying this season because you couldn't buy them anywhere and you had to brew them.
  • I would like to see /coinflip back, it was a fun thing to spend your time on and risk your money. This would be a good idea at the start of the season, people will have chances to get richer.
  • Either remove /invsee entirely, or make it so you can /invsee in a small range. So you can use it to scout out an enemy's inventory when getting ready for a fight, not abuse it and check inventories if someone is cannoning or now.
  • A thing that annoyed me a lot this season is the warzone not being that flat, it is annoying to PvP there. My suggestion would be to make it more flat, less mountains and such.
  • Smoother cannoning, obviously. Basically everyone is asking for this.
  • Good old Anti-Cheat, before the anti-cheat update it was way better, hackers couldn't fly, now they can.
  • A duel/wager system where you could duel other people with a bet, winner takes all. This would increase the fun in the server, and probably bring back some players who quit due to this not being added.
  • Remove useless things that no one uses, or not needed, This would help at least a bit about the lag.
  • This goes with the shop suggestions, but I decided to make a special section for this one - gen buckets in /shop, it would really make it more easier to make more bases, this would increase the base amount. That means more raids.
  • Balance Custom Enchantments.
  • Fix small bugs, and big ones too of-course. This is probably the main reason why people didn't like this season.
These were the ideas I came in mind, and the ones I liked the most.
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Jun 22, 2016
We do not need another factions server, more servers = less competition since people will split up.

2 new rules should be added, the rules will be about glitching and forging proof.

First rule is, if you have a video of someone in your base and they dont have proof of themselves getting tp'ed inside or being in your faction they will be banned from the server, and the second rule is forging proof, which means that a player is creating fake proof. For example, voodootje invites gunfire to the faction, gunfire goes inside the base, voodoo screenshots gunfire in his base and faction land, kicks gunfire and then reports gunfire for glitching. that is forging proof. yes this is very strict but alot of other servers has this and its not creating alot of issues, trust me.

Faction missions! for example, if you or someone else in your faction have broken 10000 blocks you will get speed 2 in your land, etc etc.

have a faction mission that benefits for people having bases in claimed land, this will prevent unclaimed bases being so popular. example: if you have over 10 koths won you get 2x mob loot from your spawners in your claimed land.

spawner durability!!!! If a spawner has been mined it loses one durability, 3 times broken = gone forever.

apparantly cannoning is broken, but i didnt have much issues with cannoning this season but i will test it before reset.

remove the new f map.


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Jul 4, 2016
Hello my name is GammingBoyMC and i think everyones thoughts should count so I decided to make this post. I wish there can be more people posting their suggestions because its now you can make a change for next season!


I believe that the anticheat system should be updated or maybe get a new anticheat system. I can see over 5 people hacking in fps (pvp arena for better fps). I see hackers everyday where they reach me and others, they fly up from the arena and most of them just killaura you in seconds before u get time to pop a gapple. So my suggestions is to get a better anticheat or maybe do something with the blocks or building where people cant fly up again. For example one way in no way back except for warp or tp.

I want a better pvp arena too or a new pvp arena. My opinion is to get back the old pvp arena that you used in battleraid. This arena was really nice because there was parkour, nice epearl throws that could be hard to get if you are escaping and it was also a really good size to be able to run from people and maybe come to safety for 15 seconds and warp out. It also has a nice way of look because you can see a car there and houses etc.

The Ce is a suggestion that should be solved by everyone because it is something that will affect pvp a lot for most players and some players doesn’t have as much skills as other so they have to try and win the fight by having better stuff. This is factions and keeping ce might be good because it can affect the way you should play it for example you need economy. If you want to pvp without ce or economy based then there is Practice.

I would like to see some new changes and not just fixes so I could agree on getting some rare weapons or armor like sharp VI or something hard to get which can affect pvp more and they way you play factions.


My opinion on bases isn’t big because I spend more time pvping but I got knowledge about it and I would like to share some ideas with you.

So I would like the phase or glitches to get fixed because this is just ridiculous. I got a bit angry when I noticed that people can ceeg through ur walls and destroy ur spawners. Im not 100% sure if this is the thing that happened but there should be a change to get better safety for the base.
Im not supposed to build my base just to defend against hackers or glitchers. It should be a base that I can build to defend against cannoners or claimers maybe don’t know if it counts as a raiding type because its hard to get overclaim if you know what you are doing.

I also think there should be a fix on the enemy territory teleportation bug. This isn’t really a bug but its trying to prevent people from phasing I believe and it bugs a lot with fly. The second I get in enemy’s territory I get a spamming message in chat saying teleportation cancelled, you can not teleport in enemy territory. This should be fixed or reduced from spam in the chat because its quite annoying.

As my adorable legend said (NorskateTracksU). It would be good to get missions for faction as his example mine 10k blocks and get speed 2 in claimed territory. This can be different but shouldn’t involve getting changes on pvp or outside claimed territory because it can make it unstoppable to have this stuff in pvp or so. Or overpowered for the bigger factions.

I also want to add something quick, the spawners should be more equalized as for villager spawners they give you insane amount of money. From 90 villager spawners you get 20 mil balance in 1 hour which kind of climbs through peoples balance really quickly. Most people don’t understand it and makes new players to get scammed easily to sell it for example 3,5 mil or so because its fast cash.

Thank you for reading if not, no problem.
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