Important Factions - Future of factions?!

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Jul 11, 2016
for the future of factions i wouldn't mind a op factions with different things such as different ways of getting a rank instead of only buying them irl but make it very hard to achieve that goal. and have a different warzone with more crates or crates every hours instead of two like now.
now if i were to stick to the fixing of this faction server i would suggest a different war zone like different landscape to it and more houses with a little more crates maybe. also i personally would like to see things like a reset to the current server along with different ways to recieve ranks through ingame but not as op as the ones you buy irl, bedrock that you can get but u have to hit it with tnt like 500-1000 times making it breakable bedrock. adding enderman spawners. and a way to get rare keys ingame i mean yeah you can get them from voting chest and maybe crates im not sure but even when you do you get like 8 gold and yes i did get 8 gold lmao. but a way to get rare keys from the ingame world or even adding a uncommon chest or common would be nice.

no just no


Nov 26, 2016
1 more custom enchants.
2 buff the crates for better stuff.
3 Make more types of armor. For example
P6 unbreaking 5 armor or something of that nature.
4 bring back coin flip.
5 if there is a good enchant then add 1 book to gkit custom enchants.
6 more trench picks. 4by4 5by5 and so on.
7 more spawners.
8 better spawn. I would like to see maybe a different looking spawn but not just the one that is there now I mean a totally redesigned spawn.
9 make gapples less expensive.
10 make monthly crates with good stuff.
11 make more ranks like vip+ premium+ elite+ or make commands like invsee buyable.
12 bring back echest because nubs have only 1 pv to store thing but no wchest.


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Jul 4, 2016
I agree with Mama_PvP and Jemand_HD we dont need less pv its good to have the important stuff on pv or it would be really hard to play as you want. Removing villagers could also be an option since they might be a bit buggy in some situations. But if there is a chance to get something to fix it then it can be nice. For example storing system with villagers is really bad because they spawn in 5x5 radius which will make chests harder to handle.
I might have gotten a idea that i will try if there will be villagers. For example a farm where i got my villagers and water flowing towards a middle row. The row will be 1x20 or so and it will be hoppers connected to chests. So they go with water to the so called "drop" and die then hoppers take em up at a 1x25. It will also be good because less hoppers will be used.
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