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Jun 3, 2016
Hello Players of JartexNetwork Factions!

We have great news! We have been working on an amazing raid event that will be coming up soon!

Inside the base are overpowered items to fight for! Gather your factions members together and start working on building your cannon! Whoever gets into the base first, will get all the loot!
The base has 16 walls including the base wall with one sand wall.
Here is a sneak peak on how the base looks.

The base will be placed in the end world on
the 29th of april on 16:00 PM ( CET (UTC + 1) )

Here's a quick rundown of information:

What? A free for all raid event
Where? In the factions game mode on play.jartexnetwork.com
When? 29 April 16:00 (CET (UTC +1) )
How long? Until the base is raided
How do I enter? Travel to the coordinates that are announced in-game. Then the only thing you have got to do is raid the base to obtain the loot!

Now there's probably one thing you all want to know, the prizes!
  • 12 Iron Golem Spawners
  • 24 Blaze Spawners
  • GKit Vouchers
  • Fly Voucher
  • Premium Rank Voucher
  • Elite Rank Voucher 3x
  • More OP stuff such as armor, axes, gapples and keys are hidden inside the chests.
We also have a few rules stuck to the raid event to prevent people from cheating. The base must be raided through conventional means, meaning it must be raided by a cannon. Any exploiters, hackers, glitchers, calviners or players undermining the event will be getting a cooldown from the server.
Fly will also be disabled for this raid event, meaning no one can use /fly.
PvP is enabled for every player.

Oh, this Raid Event will be having a custom plugin added, to make the event a bit more exciting.
I'm not going to say much about this, and keep it a secret =)

Before I end this post, I'd like to do a BIG shoutout to NorskateTracksU and HenzenLV for helping me build this base. I definitly could not have done this without you. Thanks! <3

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to post them below.
Goodluck on raiding!

Regards, the JartexNetwork Staff Team!
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Aug 15, 2016
By the way, what do you mean by a ''free for all raid'' ???
Isn't it about a faction, not free for all ?


Aug 5, 2016
Peorioy Norskate and Henzen cant cannon it im i right?? Its cuz they made the base. Its like abuse


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Aug 15, 2016
What do you mean, all I did is design lol. I don't get the point. I just came to help. So I dont think it's abuse.
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