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Jul 30, 2016
Since the latest season, a lot of things have been changed inside and outside the factions plugin, but the most important recent update has to be of course the commands /f perm & /f access.

What are these 2 commands, and what are they used for?

To make say it in a short way, these commands are being used to make the management of a faction easier and expanded. You can remove/add certain permissions for specific players, or even factions. Yes, this means the players do not need to be in your current faction to gain access to certain chunks.

  • /f perm -> The /f perm command is for the default permissions of a faction. The command opens the following GUI:

    These icons are all different types of permissions you could change. These permissions can be set per faction rank, or even with a faction relation. These permissions are the default permissions for a faction. You can expand these permissions by using the new /f access command, which will be explained later on in this topic. If you click one of the listed permissions, a new menu will open, where you can select which role, or which faction relation can use these permissions.

    !!! Some of these permissions cannot be used by relations. So clicking those relations will let you know that the permission has been excluded from that part.
  • /f access ➟ The /f access command is an add-on for the /f perm part. For example, if you don't want members to be able to access chests, but your friend 'Gunfire' is also a member of your faction, you can just set the permission of containers to No Permission inside /f perm. Then you have to use the /f access command, to adjust permissions for that specific chunk only. Give a player or a faction access by typing the command as follows: /f access f|p (for faction or player) faction name|player name chunk|all (all the chunks, or the chunk you stand inside)
    Inside the /f access menu you will be able to see all the players and or factions that have access to chunks of your faction. So you can manage everything by typing /f access

    Modifying the permissions of the access given by /f access works the same as /f perm, but the menu looks a little bit different, and it also has a small side note.

    !!! These permissions are per chunk, and by default, everything will be enabled. So make sure you adjust the permissions as soon as possible using the /f access menu!
Can you give us an example of how to configure the permissions?
The permissions system takes a little bit of working with it to understand how it works.
So, for example, my Faction called IAmTheBestDev has 2 members. One of them is voodootje0, and the other one is k4otIc_girl. And you want k4otIc_girl to have access to chests in all the chunks, but voodootje0 should not be able to open the chests inside the chunk where you store all the good stuff. What you would do is:

  1. Set the permissions for containers enabled for faction members (assuming they're both member rank inside the faction)
  2. Stand inside the chunk you want to remove access to chests for voodootje0. And type the command /f access p voodootje0 chunk to add access for this player inside the chunk you are standing.
  3. Manage the permissions for voodootje0 by typing /f access, and looking for voodootje0 under the player access list. If you are still standing in the chunk, left click if you want to browse chunks, right click.
  4. Once you removed the permissions to use containers, voodootje0 will no longer be able to use chests in that specific chunk because his access has been removed.

The permissions 'weight'
The permissions in the normal factions plugin will be changed by this plugin of course, so I made a small image explaining how it checks the permissions.

We hope you all will be excited about this new and fresh update that will be added to factions. We did our best to make it as easy to use, but we do understand that it's a little bit advanced for new players. So if you have any more questions, just let us know!

These commands were a must have here at JartexNetwork, so we did our best to make them as useful as possible. If you have any suggestions for these commands, don't hesitate, create a suggestion right HERE.
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