Downfall of JartexNetwork and how can Jartex Fix its self.


Jul 6, 2019
Guys this is not directed towards any member or people associated in jartex in any way shape or form. I'm just expressing my thoughts as to the situation. First of all, I consider my self to be a kind of og player on jartex. I've been playing for about 2 Years and it was the only server I played for a long time. I know many members of the jartex community including some staff members. I have over 2500 combined skywars and bedwars games played and played a bit of kitpvp and practice pvp along the way.

My Journey

I joined the server near late march 2016, I had just gotten cracked minecraft and wanted a proper server to play bedwars on. At last I had found it, jartexnetwork was the server. I wasn't a regular to the server for a few months but played occasionally with friends. I remember the server having around 700 players on weekdays around 4pm est. Weekends would bring just about 1000 members online. I continued playing occasionally until mid june when i started playing regularly. I learned to speedbridge in bedwars and started playing with leaderboard players more often. Before long I had played with a majority of the top bedwars players and was getting to know the community. Around early august is when the server was at its peak for me. There were multiples youtubers and streamers making regular content on jartex, player counts reached 1600, the community was amazing! Staff were also amazing and except for console bans the server was awesome. I was around 80 bedwars wins when I wanted to grind wins. I realized that the quads gamemode started having players and built superteams to grind wins. I'm almost confident that I had the most wins that month (around 400) . Everything was great, I was integrated into the community, and once June hit everything began to change.

The Downfall

3 main staff members resigned, developerator, vessaile and notlolo1818, some of the top staff on the server. In the opening week of the new update, Alot of new bugs were encountered. like game not starting and all that stuff. Jartex before the update was a pretty awesome server to play on. after the update the server started to go down, hardly solos trios or quads were running only Duos is the one running, there is no fun in grinding now. the thing i demanded was bring back the old maps. the new maps aren't close to fun. I agree skywars update was awesome, Jartex is now on it's very low. I prefer staff listening to the community and doing what the community wants instead of just ignoring them and doing what they want. I still remember me and my friends used to play jartex bedwars 24/7. Now we won't even play for an hour that's how boring it is.The server still got around 900 players at 3pm est and got around 1300 on weekends. There didnt seem to be any problems at this point. Come mid september player counts had dropped drastically, player counts would peak at 800 on weekdays and weekends would be around the same. Youtubers stopped uploading, except Sahvi. Around October player counts continued to drop but I still played. It was now impossible to play bedwars quads (least popular bedwars mode) anymore due to the player counts. Skywars also had no players causing the skywars community to die. Bedwars and Skyblock were the only 2 gamemodes alive on the server come mid October. There were an increase in perm bans against known members of the community. Many of these had no video proof and were vague with detail. Those which had videos were unbanned but the others were not so lucky. Then, Sahvi resigned which showed me that other players had the same concerns as I did. And I have stopped playing jartex recently after seeing what has been happening.Now, player counts barely reach 600 on weekdays and do not pass 850 on weekends. The server is the most dead as I have seen it before. With much of the community moving on from jartex.

Thank you some staff, there are many staff that do their job well. They try to make the server a better place and listen to players. Although there are some staff that do the exact opposite. The server is overrun with hackers and rulebreakers and without /report these abusers will most likely go unnoticed. Thank you to the staff that care.

Add /report. Players have been asking this forever and it should've been added a long time ago. It is really needed now that hackers are in every other bedwars game

Potential Staff, If you are considering applying for the staff team. Know if you will have enough time to be a good staff member, and not just someone with a shiny name. So make sure this is what you want to do.

STOP LOCKING THREADS, Almost every thread that talks about these issues are being locked by staff, although many staff members agreeing with the points. Many staff members have also been acting toxic which you should never be to your playerbase

Listen to The Player Base. This is their server their playing on. You should listen to what they have to say. And when new ideas are suggested don't deny them because they were "requested before"

Thank for everyone who made my journey on jartex truly amazing. I now need to move on. Mybe one day I can revisit the server and find it in it's previous glory.

I shall move on too now because this server doesn't actually care about its players
If i have the same bedwars back in jartex the one which was before the update, I'd donate over a 100 dollars for the server, I still donated 10 euros because server doesn't deserve much. There could be a new gamemode called like a seperate gamemode called "Old BedWars" and a "Bedwars Updated". I'd love to see some support.



Jan 17, 2017
It wasn’t just because of an update or because of staff resigning, I feel the Sr.Mods+ stopped caring, but they’re working hard on fixing their mistakes, I believe so at least.


Great Reporter
Great Reporter
Jul 31, 2019
this guy is cool, nice, i agree with him, it seems he experienced player