Update DISCORD, can you eat that stuff?

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Mar 11, 2018
Hi Players of JartexNetwork!

We have had the Team Speak server for a couple of months now, but it is not really being used that much. We do however now have a beautiful alternative, Discord. We have been working real hard on it the last couple of days to get it up before the raid event.

Everything should be working just fine but there may, however, be some minor bugs, if you find any please send Voks_ a PM so that they can be fixed.

There will probably be things added in the future, these are not 100% guaranteed to be added yet.
· Donator Ranks
· Game rooms (for other games like LOL, CSGO e.g.)

Please do however keep in mind that all of our server rules do also apply on the Discord server. You are allowed to use light swear words but treat every player with respect.
The full rule list can be found on the discord sever.

You can join the discord server through this link: www.jartexnetwork.com/discord

Note that for it to work you will need to download Discord, you can do that here: https://discordapp.com/download

Discord is available for Mac (osX), android, iOS, and it is coming soon for Linux!

When you have created your discord account verify it through the link in your email. When you have confirmed your email and you have joined our discord server you will be able to chat after 10 minutes! This is a safety feature, you will have to wait 10 minutes before you can chat!

If you have any questions about discord and how it works, feel free to send a moderator or higher a message!

Raid Event:
Especially for the upcoming raid event, we have prepared our discord server! We have created 1 HUGE channel where you can follow the raid and have a chat with fellow raiders! We have also created 5 smaller channels that can handle one full faction (15 members) Or can handle 2 factions with half of each faction! We hope you will all be online there!

IMPORTANT: We will be releasing the coordinates for the raid event 5 minutes earlier on discord! Join our discord to have an advantage!

The JartexNetwork Staff Team
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