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Feb 6, 2017

Hello players of JartexNetwork,

We have reached the point where we needed a change of forums. This change has a lot of fixed bugs, design changes and new features that will be useful for you during your online time on the forums.
We have worked really hard to update the entire forums and we are still not done. More features / changes are on the way!
So, let's not make it longer and go straight to what we have updated:
  • Updated design
  • Updated Control Panel
  • JartexSync ( Under developing - You will be able to link you MC Account with the forums account)
  • Responsive design ( Android, tablets, iPhone, etc... )
  • Discord, Twitter, Google, Yahoo Integration ( You can now log in / sign up on the forums using these methods )
  • Updated reactions system
  • New nodes
  • New reorganization of the nodes
  • Improved performance
  • Updated avatar border per user groups
  • Updated nodes grid system
  • Updated BB Code files
  • New smiles
  • Notice if a staff member is in the conversation
  • Predefined messages ( You can now save a template on the forums and use it whenever and wherever you want )
  • Bookmarks ( You can now save threads for later if you don't want to search them in the whole forums every time you want to check them )
  • Giphy Integration ( You can now post .GIF files directly from Giphy )
  • Specific automatic themes for the holidays ( Valentine's Day, Snow and New Year )
  • Spotify Integration ( All the members can now see what songs you listen to Spotify if you connect your account with the forums )
  • Updated forms
  • New banned disposable e-mails list to prevent the bots ( 7,004 banned disposable emails )
  • Force HTTPS images ( If you will want to upload an image from a link, you must use https://example.com )
  • Online time tracker ( Staff only )
  • New widgets
    • and much more...

Note: During the installation of the backups, we have lost the ratings / reactions (except from Likes)
If you remember on what threads / posts you reacted, we recommend you to go back and react!
If you have any feedback or any suggestions, let us know.
We'd love to make this update as wonderful as we can!
Not open for further replies.