Global Advaned FPS Boost ( NEW )

Jun 4, 2018
Hey guys , how is everyone doing,today im gonna be talking about the simplest fps boost.
I am using a very bad laptop, so i get like 10 fps on lowest settings.After this boost it was average 45 FPS

So pretty much im going to go through every setting and change it so the game does not lag

So lets get into the steps!

First And most important : Download and install optifine. Search optifine download in google . Optifine is a minecraft mod that improves your fps and lets you do special Stuff! Learn more in their website.

Second : Open minecraft,Go to options,And Go to video settings.
  1. first setting is : Change graphics: From fancy to fast
  2. Render Distance: Change it to 8 chunks , if its laggy change it to 4 chunks
  3. smooth lighting: OFF
  4. Max FramRate : Unlimited
  5. smooth lighting level: All the way down ( OFF )
  6. View bobbing: Does not affect performance, the game looks better with it. View bobbing makes your walking more realistic
  7. GUI Scale: A smaller setting may be faster
  8. Use VBOs: This uses an alternative rendering model wich is usually ( 5% - 10% ) Faster than the usual. so turn it on
  9. Brightness: Turn on for best Gameplay. it doesnt not affect performance
  10. Attack Indicator: Does not affect performance
  11. Dynamic lights: This looks really cool when its ON but it really lags your game. turn off for best performance or use ( FAST ) Setting in dynamic lights if you want them
  12. Dynamic FOV: This pretty much changes the FOV ( Field of view) When flying, speeding , sprinting. This does not really affect performance, turn on for best gameplay
  13. Shaders: Never use shaders if you dont get like 300 + FPS Average when on max settings. So pretty much Do not put a shader when you are lagging
  14. Quality Settings:
    1. MipMap Levels: This doesnt affect performance,but turn it on to 4 (Max)
    2. MipMap Type: Nearest
    3. Anisotropic filtering: OFF
    4. antialiasing: OFF
    5. Clear Water: OFF
    6. Random Mobs: does not affect performance
    7. Better Grass: OFF
    8. Better Snow:OFF
    9. Custom Font: OFF
    10. Custom Colors: OFF
    11. Swamp Colors: OFF
    12. Smooth Biomes: OFF
    13. Connected Textures: This doesnt affect performance that much, but turn it off so the game doesnt look like trash
    14. Natural Textures: OFF
    15. Custom Sky: This is also one of these stuff if you only have a texture pack, i dont even prefer using texture packs when your game is lagging. so put it ( ON ) or ( OFF ) doesnt matter
    16. Custom items: Same as No.15
    17. Custom Entity models: Same as last 2 settings
  15. Details:
    1. Clouds : OFF
    2. Cloud Hieght: OFF
    3. Trees: Smart
    4. Rain&Snow: OFF
    5. Sky: OFF
    6. Stars: OFF
    7. sun&moon: ON , turn on so it doesnt look trash
    8. Show Capes: doesnt really affect performance
    9. Fog: OFF
    10. Fog Start: 0.8
    11. Translucent Blocks: Fast
    12. Held item ToolTips: ON
    13. Dropped Items: Fast
    14. Entity Shadows: OFF
    15. Vignette: Fast
    16. Alternate Blocks: OFF
  16. Performance:
    1. Smooth FPS : OFF
    2. Smooth World: OFF
    3. Faster Render: ON
    4. Fast Math: ON
    5. Chunk Updates: Set to 1, wich is the lowest
    6. Dynamic Updates: ON
    7. Lazy Chunk Loading : ON
  17. Animations:
    1. press the turn ALL OFF Button at the bottom
    2. And turn on Water animated , lava animated, flame animated
    3. doing theese steps REALLLY improved my fps and made playing easier
    4. Particle setting ( The one in the bottom right above the ( Done ) button MAKE IT MINIMAL , making it minimal really made my life SO much better.
  18. Other: (Theese are basicly like tools and stuff you dont need to change at all. but some of them are important)
    1. Lagometer: Doesnt matter
    2. Debug profiler : Doesnt matter
    3. Show fps : Doesnt matter
    4. Advanced tooltips: Doesnt matter
    5. Weather: This one matters, turn it to off
    6. Time: Doesnt matter
    7. fullscreen: Doesnt matter
    8. Full screen mode: Default
    9. 3D Anaglyph: Do not turn this on or this will cause brain cell loss.
    10. autosave ( for local worlds only ) : 3 mins
    11. Screen shot size: Default
And this was it for the video settings, i went over every single settting, this should improve your fps drastacly and make the game more playable,​
i hope this fixed some of your fps lag. if it didnt, make sure you allocate enough ram for minecraft ! you can do this by following theese steps :​
Open miencraft laucnehr​
Put your username​
press edit profile in the bottom left corner​
a menu will pop up, then go all the way down and make sure ( JVM Arguments ) is marked by a ✔️ .​
then at XMX ( Maximum allowed memory ) Type the amount of memory you want it to be . this will be 1G by default. if you want 2 gigabytes replace the 1 , by 2 .
And thats it ! thats also a very important thing to do ! i recommend to allocate 3/4 of your memory. if you have 4 gigabytes allocate 3 . if you have 8 allocate 6.

Thank you for reading this. Have a nice day. byebye :D

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Feb 16, 2019
Smooth fps actually lowers your fps, yes, it makes it more stable, however I’d rather have higher fps with spikes than lower stable fps.
Jun 4, 2018
Ok. thank you for the tip. editing