Update Ad? And more GiveAways ?!

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Aug 23, 2016
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Throughout the last week have we been working on an update that will be pushed out really soon.

We have created a system that will automatically reward everyone that will watch an ad, you can see this as voting only more simple and will only take 30 seconds!

We have spent time making sure we have got everything working perfect, but just to be sure, will we be spending a little bit more time to make sure we patch all the tiny things that will come up, so for the first week will the ad plugin only be added to skyblockdream.

Then we will slowly add this to every gamemode with some special and better rewards than just voting.

The rewards we have set for now are;

  • 1x Rare Crate Key
  • $500 cash
Note: This is for skyblockdream it can be different on every gamemode.

But maby you be like, This isn't great... you guys will only make money out of this, don't worry! Now comes the good part about this all.

All the money that we earn will be invested back this ad system will help us to do more giveaways and give more back to the community.
We hope that we earn enough money with this to do more giveaways!, like the Razer giveaway or the factiontop competition.

Note: Our expectations are to have at least 1 giveaway every 2 months.
Disclaimer: We cant guarantee that there is a giveaway every 2 months, we never used this before and do not know how this will work out.

Hint: Upcomming Christmas giveaway so keep an eye on the forums ;)

We hope you're all as excited as we are to have more giveaways, and thank you for playing JartexNetwork!

When do you do that?


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Jun 6, 2016
Still at work, so I'm yet to try the new ad thing. If its broken then I hope its fixed when I'm at home ;) :)
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