GiveAway A Christmas Giveaway?!

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May 2, 2016

IT'S HAPPENING Again! JartexNetwork is releasing an another giveaway!.

It's that time of the year again - Christmas is coming upon us! Our lobby will be given a festive update, and we have some more exciting Christmas things!

This December is already a very busy month for the Santa and the reindeer`s so Santa asked us to help out a little bit to also give something to the Jartex Community!

So the Jartex Santa will help a little bit this month ;)

So what will this giveaway be and how will it work ?

Jartex will have a giveaway where you can win your whole Christmas wish list we are not just giving away something we want to giveaway but something you would like to receive from the Jartex Santa! This can be anything from a new Razer headset to a rank on jartexnetwork or anything you can imagine!

You just simply create your Christmas wish list by clicking on this link over here.

When you clicked you will be taken to a another page where you have to fill in some information,

You can create a list of products you would like to receive you can ask for presents up to 150,- Euro

Note: We tried to work with a system where you could fill in your wish list but it not properly working :( ( so the winner will be contacted and could send his wish list. Maybe leave a comment with your wishes and win a free ticket ;)

Dear JartexSanta,

My x-mas wish list with things I would like to receive,
  • A Drone
  • A Minecraft Premium Account
  • A Store voucher for the JartexNetwork Store
  • A headset
  • New computer screen
  • It can be multiple presents or just one.
  • Anything you can imagine I just made some examples ;)

Note: We will giving away a total of 150,- Euro, You can ask for anything as long its a total of 150,- euro!

What can I win?

  • First: Your whole Christmas list worth of 150,- euro!
Note : We will randomly choose someone on December 24, 2016!

  • Second: € 45,- store voucher for the shop
  • Third: - € 35,- store voucher for the shop
  • Fourth: - € 25,- store voucher for the shop
  • Fifth: - € 15,- store voucher for the shop

  • Everyone: Who enters this giveaway will receive something special around Christmas for entering the giveaway!
On December 24, 2016 will we randomly choose 5 winners, those people will be contacted with a private message here on the forums.

When is it?

It will start when this post has been posted, and we will randomly pick a winner on December 24, 2016.

Can everyone join this giveaway?

Currently, we've gone for a system of restricting how people can be in this giveaway.

Why? Because of the way we've had with the last store voucher giveaway it wasn`t working how we wanted and people starting spamming creating alt accounts, It was just not working how we want! So we have decided to work with a ticket system in our store. We are asking for a small donation of only 1,- euro to get a ticket to win up to 150,- euro ;)

Happy Holidays from JartexNetwork.


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Aug 26, 2016
Dear, Jartex santa
for xmas i would like
minecraft premium account
a pc headset with mic
and a store voucher from your store :D
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