✔[1st Ever Thread] How To Win Skywars!✔

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Aug 29, 2019
what if you r not good at pvp the OP stuff won t help u much when u can get knocked at mid too its skywars.


Oct 27, 2017
Hello and welcome to my first ever thread in here! Hope you are having a wonderful day <3.
Here are the steps i follow to win Skywars mostly all the time:

Step 1: Loot all the chests in your island as fast as you can, if you're not fast enough try to get the essentials("Enough blocks to get you to mid depending on the map, a weapon, some decent armor and food of course").
Step 2: Get to the small island between you and the other neighboring islands(if someone did it before you try to knock them off using projectiles("Snowballs, Eggs or Arrows"), or you can just rush them if you're pretty decent at pvp).
Step 3: Rush to mid while watching over if someone is trying to knock you off or something.
Step 4: Once there(you'll be the only one most of the time).
Step 5: Loot the mid and get a bunch of OP gear(
"Prot III Armor, Sharp III Sword/Axe, some e-pearls and of course a bunch of Gaps").
Step 6: Use that OP gear to win the game!

Hope you guys liked this and feel free to ask any questions in the comments ❤👍
Nice and short!