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  1. Nirahz

    best yter upload

    omg guys new wildabbee upload its good upload i promise its super wow! montage love wow love almost like i love this montage get it guys go watch like and subscribe for more epic montages featuring the handsome nirahz who always makes videos better so yeah like and subscribe a lot and also...
  2. Nirahz

    BedWars Maps

    Hi, as I'm sure you've all noticed, a small new update has just released which has added: - A new map rotation system: Every month we pick a few maps that we remove, then they get added back the next month, just to keep things fresh. - Some new maps. - Some edits to existing maps. I'm here to...
  3. Nirahz

    Forums Adding a keyword search bar to the suggestions subforum

    Minecraft Username: Nirahz What is the suggestion about? Adding a keyword search bar to the suggestions subforum Description: Well, I was looking for a specific suggestion I wanted to take a look at but didn't have the link to, nor did I know who wrote it originally. To do this, I could...
  4. Nirahz

    A new Discord server has popped up!

    A message to all minigames players! Ever wanted to suggest a new update quickly and easily? Today is your lucky day! I, the great, amazing, wonderful, lovely, charismatic Nirahz have opened up a new Discord server for you all to hang out in. We provide everything you need for suggesting an...
  5. Nirahz

    What map would you like to see edited?

    Title, and please give a reason why you chose the one you did. Thank you! :)
  6. Nirahz

    hello wildabbee fans

    hello omggg we have new video for you title jartex is good server TWO?!? two video yes jartex is a very good SERVER you can see in vidocthat i will link by wildabbee youtube bedwars . please like and subscribe for jartex if you don't subscribe you hate jartex and should be banned i think okay...
  7. Nirahz

    wow omgggggg wildabbee upload

    hello guys i am back i am here to tell you about the new wildabbee upload it is very good please go wath it like 70 times each and then subscribe on all your alts ok guys thanks this tim e we have montage numbers bedwars clutch please watch and like and watch and subscribe View...
  8. Nirahz

    Doubles Winstreak

    ign: Nirahz teammate: WildAbbee (all 100 games) life: none if anyone knows the highest doubles winstreak let me know in the comments, and we'll go break it gg
  9. Nirahz

    Denied Forums Handled Trial applications should be made public again.

    Minecraft Username: Nirahz What is the suggestion about? Handled Trial applications should be made public again. Description: Very simple: I think old applications that have been accepted or denied should be made public again in the "Trial Applications Archive" subforum. It has been made...
  10. Nirahz

    yes yes wildabbee omgomgom

    hi it me again here vid from wildabbe e very funny like and subscribe road to 50 million subscribers lets do it before 2022 guys ok here video very cool clutch vs cheater?!?! :O:O:O:O yes yes cool clutch very funny very good bw player go watch noooooooow View...
  11. Nirahz


    Hello, I'm here to represent Krait. We are a newly-released (Jartex-related) discord server (Owned by Nxrxhz#8518 and WildAbbee#0168)! We offer features that are not only useful but also have never been seen before on other servers of this kind. Some of our features include: - A way to link...
  12. Nirahz

    omg?!?!? video!??!!??!

    YES, you read the title right. new video :OO this video very funny also no its not a rickroll do not worry anyway watch like comment subscribe you know the drill, 50 subs and we will uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do something cool maybe idk subscribe tho !! View: awesome...
  13. Nirahz

    howdy new video yayy

    helo peopl wildabbee post new video?!?!?!? omgmgomgmg yes wildabbee post new video!!! unfortunately idk if im allowed to link it here so ill link her channel instead, you could watch it from there and, you know, subscribe (it will be worth it)! this video is a guide on (jartex) ranked bedwars...
  14. Nirahz


    Hello, people of Jartex Network. Recently, a forums account by the name of "justthiemoalt" got banned from the forums, while he was on a break playing bedwars. This ban was in no way justified, and we as a community must seek justice for justthiemoalt. Hereby, we would like to announce the...
  15. Nirahz

    hi wildabbee upload again u should watch :)

    helo ! in this second upload, WildAbbee will be doing the "win a game on every mode challenge" but on jartex practice! a pretty good bit of time has been put into this video, so we hope you enjoy it. if you do, consider supporting her by subscribing (it's free! :O) anyway, here's the link...
  16. Nirahz

    WildAbbee (subscribe :D)

    hi, i'm here on behalf of WildAbbee. she recently made a channel on which she'll post (jartex) bedwars montages, and it would mean a lot to both of us if you considered subscribing :) she currently only has 1 video uploaded, but more are being worked on. regardless, we hope you enjoy her...
  17. Nirahz

    A guide on everything and more about the 3 new maps

    Hello, it's me again! Today, instead of posting a rant thread like I usually do, I've decided to make an incredibly detailed guide on everything you need to know about the new maps that were added in the recent update. The main goal of this guide is to provide information on the maps; my...
  18. Nirahz

    my official application

    hello people of jartex network. i have gathered you all today to officially apply for the "comedian" rank. it has come to my attention that a lot of people do not take me seriously and laugh at the things i say. i think a "comedian" rank would suit me very well seeing as i am extremely funny...
  19. Nirahz

    ok sorry for hurting your egos guys

    Okay, we understand. We can't criticise the staff team. They don't like hearing it. We are very very very very sorry. So, here's a list of actual good staff, which bedwars players will be able to rely on. Again, very, very sorry. alright, here it is. oh wait before we start i would like to...
  20. Nirahz

    Accepted Massive update: Clans, pets, and more!

    Minecraft Username: Nirahz What is the suggestion about? Massive update: Clans, pets, and more! Description: Before I get into my suggestion, I want to point out that I could not have thought of this without the help of @NotLoLo1818 , @WildAbbee and @Shukii, thank you! I'd also like to...