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    This 2 guys are teaming on solo rush mode

    Report a player here -> -Thread Closed-
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    I just got banned for no reason

    You may appeal for an unban here -> -Thread Locked-
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    RIP me after 3 years. Peace.

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    Bonjour j'ai un probleme j'arrive pas à me connecter sur votre serveur kitpvp

    Sorry i dont know french but i used google translator, the kitpvp server must have gone down for maintenance , if you still are facing a problem message any staff member ( copy paste in translator)
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    Can You Tell People TO STOP SAYING BAD WORDS

    We staff try our best to moderate the chat but sometimes there may not be any on , Therefore you could help us by reporting any player who breaks any rule here -> -Thread Closed-
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    This is basically bedwars

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    Awesome Features You can Add To Bedwars

    Sounds like a nice idea, please suggest that here -> -Thread Closed-
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    Add Cobweb

    Please suggest that here -> -Thread Closed-
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    What bedwars needs

    Please suggest that here -> -Thread Closed-
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    Great idea for bedwars

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    Great idea for bedwars

    You can suggest that here->
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    Click that link-> click on bedwars -> search for your name and you will see all your stats. If you want to know your leaderboard position you will need to find it manually. -closed-
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    the staffing in this server is trash

    In this case if you have discord dm a Jr mod+ and they will unban you. Or if you don't have discord message them in forums by clicking the envelope near the bell icon
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    How to win almost every time

    No you first rush the enemy next to you
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    New Years

    To pass all exams
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    Color chatting

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    00F is Back