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  1. khilvansh

    Clan command don't work on gold world

    Hello BlankFart, So apparently the clan commands are sometimes bugged for some players you can try reloging or changing worlds. If you have time please report this bug here Have a nice time on JartexNetwork
  2. khilvansh

    perm duke rank voucher, used 4 duke kits, the voucher has already redeemed and wasn't registered

    Hello Knapp, Please share the screen shot here use to convert the screen shot into a link
  3. khilvansh

    Seasonal Key

    Hello tanishqowo, The Seasonal crate is probably a deleted crate. You should report this bug at ! Have a good time on JartexNetwork!
  4. khilvansh

    I cant remove shops

    Hello AlvanosGamer, Apparently the shops are bugged and won't be removeable this could be because the devs are trying to fix some duping issues etc... Have a fun time on JartexNetwork
  5. khilvansh

    neat mod

    Hello Alyan, If the health indicator work's on players, This type of modification could lead to punishment. Make sure to look forward to it. Have a fun time on JartexNetwork
  6. khilvansh

    Easter crates

    Hello __Melo_, There must be a reason Dev's have decided to remove that feature/item but if you still think this is a mistake or a bug please report it here Have fun playing on JartexNetwork
  7. khilvansh

    why have bug at level 44:((

    Hello NIKERSGGG, If you have found a bug please report it at Make sure you provide as much information as possible! Have fun playing on Jartex Network
  8. khilvansh

    Survival Now a Days...

    Hello Charvys, after reading your forum i just want to all we can do for now is report the bugs so they do not get in the way of next season.Devs also need the help of players to find bugs and fix them.I also get the point after reporting Devs are unable to fix them, this is likely due to the...
  9. khilvansh

    How to remove player shop?

    Are you online on the server right now? if so i might be able to check on it.
  10. khilvansh

    Just reached 50 level woooo...

    Congrats on your achievements! I hope you get even further. Enjoy your time on JartexNetwork
  11. khilvansh

    Stuck on Level 8

    Yes you need to wait in /spawn for the level to count the bought items this might be a problem due to Bungee. Have fun on JartexNetwork
  12. khilvansh

    How to remove player shop?

    I dont think the land needs to be claimed inorder to remove the sign
  13. khilvansh

    How to remove player shop?

    To break a Shop you first need an axe then you need to crouch and break the sign from the side this should normally work. Have fun on JartexNetwork.
  14. khilvansh


    By typing /help in-game you can receive helpful information on useful commands. Some of the main commands are /claim [works in worlds except spawn] /help [gives a list of usefull commands] /warp [helps you tpa to desired locations] /shop [tp's you to a NPC and helps you buy stuff from players]...
  15. khilvansh

    Are Withers Disabeld??

    i think it has a timer of 3days or so if you cant even spawn them even after the timer ran out it must be due to some issue devs were facing. and towards the "distructive mob" part there is explosives like tnt creeper blowing up and wither/ender dragon distruction are turned off, you can turn...
  16. khilvansh


    Hello blastinglime405 you can get villagers from recource world by using the Safarinet you can buy it from /ah or get it by opening crates you can get daily keys by voting for the server by typing /vote in game! Have fun playing on JartexNetwork.
  17. khilvansh

    /level 44

    You may report this bug on have a nice time playing on JartexNetwork
  18. khilvansh

    Basalt Generator Farm Doesnt Work

    It might be because of lag created on server when a new gen cycle of the cobblestone/basalt is completed. It might be to prevent lag issues
  19. khilvansh

    Knight to lord rank Upgrade

    This is now fixed no need to worry about it.
  20. khilvansh

    Comparison of spawn rate of iron farm between jartex and pikanetwork

    dear, RazerN After reading your forum I can agree you are right. But as for the season 3 jartex is lowering mobspawn rate as for it will lag the server a lot if wasn't done. I would suggest jartex to add mobspawn rate back to normal. It will really change grinding and might even get old players...