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  1. FuzniX

    Getting Level 97 & 98 and! 99 on Minigames! | Skywars Epic Montage

    HELLO EVERYBODY! I have posted a brand NEW Video on my YT Channel! In this video, I'm getting level 97, level 98 and level 99! 3 levels in the same video! 😎 Make sure to share your opinion after have watched the video! GO GO GO check it out, make sure to like and subcribe haha! -> View...
  2. FuzniX

    Getting LvL 96 on Minigames! | Skywars + Mouse & Keyboard Sounds

    Hello everyone! New video on my YT channel of me getting LvL 96 on Minigames, hope you enjoy it! -> View:
  3. FuzniX

    Pack Release! PlastiK 16x | Jartex Bedwars

    Hello everyone! Here is a video about a resource pack that I made myself, enjoy! -> View:
  4. FuzniX

    Getting LvL 95 on minigames! | Bedwars

    Hey! New Video on my YT channel, of me getting lvl 95 on minigames, enjoy the montage! ;) -> View:
  5. FuzniX

    Getting #1 on Summer Parkours LeaderBoards!

    Hello gamers! I uploaded a new video on my YT Channel, I put a really effort on it so please like and subscribe if you want more quality content, it encourages a lot! Here is the link of the video! View:
  6. FuzniX

    30k kills

    Hello gamers! Today I wanted to share with you that I passed 30k kills on SW! Here is a cool screenshot! View:
  7. FuzniX

    Back on Lifetime Kills Leaderboard!

    Hello gamers! Today I wanted to share with you that I've taken back my #15 position on lifetime kills Leaderboard! Here is a screenshot! View:
  8. FuzniX

    20k kill on Solos

    Hello gamers! Today I wanted to share you that I have just got 20k kills on solo skywars which is a bit high I believe 😅 View:
  9. FuzniX

    Level 89

    Hello gamers! Today I only wanted to share with you that I've just passed lvl 89 on Skywars. Here is the screenshot ;) View:
  10. FuzniX

    4,800 Wins on Skywars!

    Hello gamers! I wanted to share with you that I have just got 4,800 wins on Skywars which is I think a bit insane (it's not that it's only on lifetime leaderboard but ok..)😅 (leaderboard not actualized yet)
  11. FuzniX

    Extreme is cool

    Hello gamers! I wanted to share with you that I have just discovered that Extreme mode is fun now 😂 Players won't tell me abusing of my Diamond kit lol
  12. FuzniX

    Banner color

    Hello gamers, as for my avatar color, do you think I would change my banner color? I don't really know if I should do it as it is bigger.
  13. FuzniX

    Avatar color

    Hello gamers! I recently changed the color of my profile picture to be in accord with my rank, do you like as it is, or it was better before?
  14. FuzniX

    Almost a perfect game..

    Hello gamers, I have recently done a Skywars game which I finished with 10 kills.. And guess who got the last one? Someone who stole my kill by hitting my kill in the void.. I mean, I destroyed the whole game, but I didn't do a perfect game, because I got STOLEN one kill by nothing! Here are...
  15. FuzniX

    Skywars Jump

    Hello gamers! I wanted to share with you that I beat my former record on Skywars jump which was 41.400 which was already in leaderboard but now I got 40.800 with a new tactic.. What's your record you? I'm interested 👀
  16. FuzniX

    Jartex Bedwars parkour time! | 25.002

    Hello gamers! Last video on minigames parkours! Bedwars to finish! -> View:
  17. FuzniX

    Jartex TheBridge parkour time! | 24.100

    Hello gamers, new video on TB's parkour! -> View:
  18. FuzniX

    Jartex Skywars parkour time! | 41.400

    Hello gamers! Today I share with you my current best time on the Skywars parkour! -> View: View:
  19. FuzniX

    Helpful What's better? Iron or Diamond armor?

    Hello gamers! I wanted to clarify a general question about armor. Many players don't know if Diamond is better than Iron with protection 2 or 3.. So I would like to share with you the test that I've conducted! NOTE: The tests have been done with a Sharpness III Diamond Sword and full Armor...
  20. FuzniX

    Why The Bridge?

    Tell me what you like in The Bridge and why. I personally don't like this gamemode but I want you to share your opinions about it. Thank you!