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    PaceLv Caught Hacking Proof Is Bewlow <

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    Community Feedback

    Penetrate heals enemies, and berserk is getting rid of your str2
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    Community Feedback

    Berserk, Penetrate
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    Important SkyBlock Dream - We need your help!

    Even I do not play sky block much, the ideas that you have stated aren't bad.
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    Pyroglacial Introduction

    this is not very old.
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    I cant talk in chat

    It's an issue for unranked players
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    I cant talk in chat

    Should be fixed after reboot.
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    It's back online. Thread locked.
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    Hi, may I know your In-game name?

    Hi, may I know your In-game name?
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    Accepted CrackMan's Gameplay Report

    Report - ACCEPTED Hello, theLeocorp Thank you for your interest in helping JartexNetwork by keeping the server clean of rule breakers. I have reviewed the evidence(s) provided by you and I have decided to accept the report. The player will be punished according to the Official Rules. Have fun...
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    If you forgot your password, make a password reset request here
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    Who's ur favorite staff member on Jartex?

    Been wondering the same thing.