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  1. CommodorePET

    I’ve flat lined at a .25 W/L ratio. Looking for advice on how to improve.

    As a leaderboard player with a 4.4 W/L ratio heres 5 tips I can give you to help you win more. First: pick a good kits and talents. The best kit in my opinion that isn't a donator kit is healer. The best talents to use by far are: Adrenaline (Chance to get speed 3 after being hit) Rage (Chance...
  2. CommodorePET

    What is the most annoying thing in skywars

    Seems to only happen when I pearl at stairs or a slab and its honestly infuriating sometimes.
  3. CommodorePET

    What is the most annoying thing in skywars

    Ive played thousands of games of skywars and the most annoying things by far are: Spawn island campers Knockback shovel healer kit users (pls nerf this kit) Wrath item thing that rains down fire FDP client McGee running around Loading into the map called Pirate (Seriously this map is garbage)...
  4. CommodorePET

    The Bridge is Useless

    Honestly the bridge should just be revamped into a destroy the core gamemode.
  5. CommodorePET

    Which tier do you fit into in SkyWars?

    I'm obviously the Sweats/Tryhards because I check every box on the list and I have a 20kd.
  6. CommodorePET

    Currently exactly 100 wins away from skywars leaderboards again. I will be getting back to the...

    Currently exactly 100 wins away from skywars leaderboards again. I will be getting back to the grind when my school is done at the end of April. Might do some bedwars grinding as well.
  7. CommodorePET

    what is the best combo method ??

    It's tricky on Jartex because of the players and their fluctuating and bad ms plus how jartex knockback works. What i find helps is that I end up pressing S when the player gets to close and that creates more space. I will also circle strafe but not sprint which sounds weird but I will walk in a...
  8. CommodorePET

    Should I just use bronze brain washer to unlock kits?

    I'm not sure if using bronze brain washer works but i guess it's worth a shot. Ive gotten over 10,000 total brains and used every one of them and still don't have everything unlocked. I only use gold washer so 🤷‍♂️
  9. CommodorePET

    Add a ranked mode of gamemodes

    would be cool to have a ranked mode but I don't think the majority of players would play it and it would be infested with cheaters especially near the top of the leaderboards
  10. CommodorePET

    what is the best combo method ??

    What i find helps to combo people is to: Circle strafe and w-tap but don't block hit. This helps to keep the player closer straight line but don't w-tap and just time block hits hit your opponent 3 times without w-tapping but after 3 hits add a w-tap or two to keep the player farther and repeat
  11. CommodorePET

    Denied Revamped skywars maps

    Minecraft Username: CommodorePET What is your suggestion's title? Revamped skywars maps Suggestion Details: revamping of some skywars maps to make them flow better and promote aggressive play. How could this idea help improve JartexNetwork? Promote aggression and gameplay flow. Most...
  12. CommodorePET

    What is your favorite practice mode?

    Nodebuff and gapple. Sometimes combo but combo has a ton of 30 cps autoclickers.
  13. CommodorePET

    What type of PPvP players do you hate the most?

    I mostly hate the autoclickers because thats the most common cheaters i see. The other blatant cheaters are not that bad because the anticheat gets them pretty quick. The closet cheaters and the people using very small settings like 3.2 reach are the worst because they think of themselves as...
  14. CommodorePET

    Have you ever been called hacker

    I got a 64kd on practice so do I even need to say more?
  15. CommodorePET

    Finally Skywars Leaderboards (top 15)

    Idk I will be on kills at some point. As i grind wins kills will also go up so I will be on kills leaderboards soon.
  16. CommodorePET

    Finally Skywars Leaderboards (top 15)

    hey all I got top 15 overall skywars wins. Heres the video.
  17. CommodorePET

    SkyWars Improving the skywars talent called Second Breath.

    Minecraft Username: CommodorePET What is the suggestion about? Improving the skywars talent called Second Breath. Description: In skywars there is a perk called Second Breath. The point of the perk is to have a chance to give regeneration on kill. The problem with this talent is that it's...
  18. CommodorePET

    STAY - Jartex Skywars Montage

    here is my first Jartex skywars montage. Enjoy.
  19. CommodorePET

    Introducing myself

    Hello Jartex community! My ign is CommodorePET. If you have played skywars at any point in the last couple of months you've probably seen me online. I've played Jartex for a couple of months now. Im a leaderboard grinder on the server (2nd practice winstreak, 15th skywars top wins). I originally...
  20. CommodorePET

    How long is/was your longest ws?

    Im 2nd for winstreak leaderboards at 465 I think. I lost it due to lagging out. 😭