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  1. YaBoiDj

    Important SkyBlock Dream - We need your help!

    LOL YES!!! I suggested the Ichest log, /mobcoinstop island bank withdrawals, and buying spawners in stacks I’m so glad my suggestions are like by voodoo! :D
  2. YaBoiDj

    VoteTop Top Voters | November 2019

    Gg I’ll stop voting now lol
  3. YaBoiDj

    VoteTop Top Voters | September 2019

    Oh so now you lied again? You said you had 240 before? Now you had 250? Just stop digging yourself a hole.
  4. YaBoiDj

    VoteTop Top Voters | September 2019

    You just caught yourself in your own lie. Vote site 6 was down for 3 days so the max you could have gotten 237. Congrats you just proved your lying lol.