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  1. Monstererza

    Competition Skyblock Dream - Island Top Results | February the 15TH 2020

    Nice to see someone else in the leaderboards this time! Sum bread ?
  2. Monstererza

    Prison Tips 2020

    Explo 1800 and 2000 are the same so considering P11 as max in productivity and yea 30 mins is for lucky 10
  3. Monstererza

    Prison Tips 2020

    Took the explo, /mysteryman and the ~1,5x obviously on gambeling u lose more than u win thats obvious so wont extra write that on and haste overall does make mining faster in whatever way u wanna see it 😉 * Immortal then got bugged for the time of the season worked in early game so gonna edit
  4. Monstererza

    Greifer On SBD

    You take the risk of loosing stuff when inviting or cooping players to your island, therefore it is not against the rule and whoever did it cannot be punished.
  5. Monstererza

    Prison Tips 2020

    Drug lord increases seeds, immortal is working for such things and the token booster is still a gamble thing. Its 1 before the stats on prestige top etc. This token booster isnt meant as /booster but as gamble. the rest I accept
  6. Monstererza

    Prison Tips 2020

    Forgot to add that aswell thanks :p
  7. Monstererza

    Update Skyblock Dream - Reset | December the 7TH 2019

    Thats just a text message in chat. Your pc must be really weak
  8. Monstererza

    Important Prison - Reset | November The 9TH 2019

    I have the rights to brag tho, Andy. Thiemo is my all time bin and used tempo, hes my nutella on the bread, and my milk on the cornflakes.
  9. Monstererza

    Important Prison - Reset | November The 9TH 2019

    Drugs better be limited to like 10 / day and 0,2% rankup or so otherwise ehhhh
  10. Monstererza

    My spawner does not work

    If that here is still up to date, a little Vanilla-Minecraft knowledge would be appreaciated. Animal spawners do not spawn anywhere except on grass.
  11. Monstererza

    Radius of spawners activating

  12. Monstererza

    Radius of spawners activating

    Vanilla Mob-Spawners cant be changed in radius, therefore R16 around the spawner.
  13. Monstererza

    Can anyone give me ideas of how to earn fast money (expect spawners)

    Spawners more or less are the only way to earn good money.
  14. Monstererza

    Bug Report List (SkyBlock Dream)

    You're telling here, that u get that bug every or at least almost every time you play. So you should be able to get a recording of it next time u play and report it via the link so they know perfectly what to do.
  15. Monstererza

    Bug Report List (SkyBlock Dream)

    If u want it to be actually fixed pls do a own bug report with eventually a video in it :)
  16. Monstererza

    Why can't i do some of the easy challanges?

    Outdated version of the plugin which has never been corrected over the years.
  17. Monstererza

    Ranking up is annoying.

    @Flappix Old thread
  18. Monstererza

    /challenge "mispelling" error

    It's like that, because the challenge system is from the very begin of Skyblock Dream and hasn't evolved at all. It's a very outdated version and will either be fixed next season ( revamped ) or completely removed as they see it as too useless as they will add a more complex version of the /is...