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  • #voxy4mod
    Why u banned me on my alt
    i just said for him sorry thats itz all
    Hi Voxl, Its Hell_Hammer1. I hope you remember me
    Thanks for helping me so much today ! :D
    I got just unbanned by Developertor a yesterday ago but I didnt got unbanned. I cant either join the discord server or the minecraft server. I am so sad pls help me :(
    hi voxl pls help me you denied my unban i know why but pls help me i was unban 1week ago it go denied again i realy cant wait pl help me and unban me plssssssssssss im so sorry pls help me just unban me :((( i rely cant wait
    :cry: :eek: :cry:
    Doesn't help and ban's people to fast (n)
    Hey voxl, today I just got a false ban in PracticePvp. I was little lagging, my ping was 1021 and it was insane lag. Then I lost connection then it just false banned me for killaura. Can you please unban me? It will be a pleasure for you.

    IGN: mp_28
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