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  • the rght part you banned me for no reason without any video or screen as proof or ss when i was clearly not fucking hacking you are being a dick just with me thats the fucking fifth times you do it and i never hacker 1 time you fucking banned me for aimbot for no reason when i was just destroying a guy that was trash at pvp
    and in the video of ax10 too only cuz i was rocketing him
    dude im not hacking your high lmao wtf do you mean at the same time do you know how it goes lmao the guy hitted you then tried to escape i was literally 1 block behind you and him i killed him that was tryng to jump away and then you was like fucking 3 blocks at my left and i just 1 shotted you cuz of strenght yeah the ygive you slowness but i sayd maybe its fucking bugged cuz im not fucking hacking you are not in
    dudeits like the 4 times im fucking upset now stop banning me for no reason just cuz you get mad if i kill you and shift on a skywars match you dont have proof no video nothing and you know im not hacking so unban me just fucking unban me yoiu banened me just cuz i killed you and shifted on your death sign on skywars you ban people cuz you are mad? its that fucking fair for you? :mad:
    You're completely hacking, you said you had strength boots ( Beast boost ) but didn't know/had no clue that it gives slowness, when i asked you this you answer was ''Maybe it was bugged for me'' . You legit killed me and the other guy at the same time. We discussed this on Discord and i told you what i had to. Despite of that you go around spamming me in DM's, telling your friends to ask me for evidence.
    Goodmorning member and other users of this amazing server,
    i would like to complain about a ban of my account "Smdpls".Some of you know the acronime and yes it is a bad word.
    But i dont believe that the way you reacted mr. pigging was correct.Why?if you dont approve such kind of vocabulary you should
    senscored the bad words in the chat.So pls unban me or give me a valid username that i can use.
    i rlly hope pingging and gunfire get gunfired
    because you did that you gonna get consequences you might be banned brother. You can just dm them if you have any problems on them. Anyways have a nice day
    my friend Eisoks its a vip and he got banned too for no reason by gunfire the reason was no unban possible what reason of a ban its that
    i just wanted to report gunfire and hope i get unbanned cuz i keep getting banned by you for no reason
    pingging why you are banning me for no reason so much time you got the video i was not hacking lol you dont even ss me i have minecraft keybinds to have sprint toggled just that and other helpers tell me that its nort bannable im not hacking can you pls unban me and if you have to ban me again pls ss me first cuz you cant know if im hacking i was just destroying ax10 cuz hes bad but ban for no reason.. :mad: :mad:
    Hello. I bought a bronze rank in bedwars yesterday (its still in recent purchases) but i am on the server now and im not bronze. Can you help me please?

    oh its ok now im bronze
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