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  • i got banned and u said to me go to discord but u are not there
    plz help me to unban my account My name in minecraft is SaLeHGaMer200
    I forgot my premium account password and you replied that the ip doesn't match is there any other way i can prove it is mine?
    You need to get your ip back or find another way to prove that it was your account.
    Hey, i don't know if you can help me but i'm stuck with something

    I got this account from my brother called kcin2000

    when i joined this server i had to do /login password but i don't know the password and my brother doesn't know it either

    so i wanted to ask you if you could help me?
    Hello most staff members have directed me to you. I am banned from JN and have used all 5 unbands and was wondering if you could reduse my ban please i have been banned for 2 months and i have the highest rank on skywars (zeus) i love this sever. -YouTubeCrazy
    Sorry again but this afternoon i was banned from console for hax and I was innocence but now Console ban my friend RuAl3x randomly for hax too. This is very annoying so please unban him because he never use hax...thank you so much, GOODNIGHT
    Sorry but it's the third time that Console banned me without any reason. I'm quite annoying for this reason so I wanted to be unbanned as fast as possible because I'm innocent. WRITE SOON please
    i got banned by anti_bot for some reason dm ed u on discord pls help
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