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  • I love how you false banned a person for hacking, yet he has no hacks at all.
    I need help with changing my password for when i login to the server. i haven't played on here in years and i don't remember my pass
    _Hey__, I just got false ban by Console. I was fighting a guy with some lag I have. I lost connection after that I got banned for killaura. Could you please unban me? I have discord but its broken, won't open. Here a screenshot of my false ban.

    hey there is a problem in skywars that the refil breaks or doesnt work can someone fix it
    Hey _Hey__ How are you hey hey! XD lmao :LOL:
    hey i need password reset my name is mining_era i made a post & happy late birthday my bday was in may 22 so that was close
    If you already requested a password request, please be patient.
    So i got permanently banned for reach on bedwars and all i did was w tap. Pls unban me.
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