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by Gunfire at 3:12 AM
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Top Voters We congratulate the voters below for their support:
  • First: @Galpon_era ( 267 votes) - 25 store voucher for the shop
  • Second: @Suhayl (265 votes) - €20 store voucher for the shop
  • Third: @awesomeness ( 213 votes) - €15 store voucher for the shop
  • Fourth: @mcgaming234 ( 196 votes)- €10 store voucher for the shop.
  • Fifth: @PJKrist ( 190 votes) - €5 store voucher for the shop.
We're really greatful that you guys keep voting for the server, as promised you can claim
your store vouchers the winners have recieved a mail in the hub with the code, If have any problems contact me and will try reply within 24 hours.

( the...
by Gunfire at 1:29 AM
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After months of postponements, delays, and a couple problems, the new prison server was finally pulled off.
While it still isn`t perfect how we want, will we already release a well functioning new prison server.
So Say hello to Prison 2.0; a completely brand new prison server written from the ground-up!

About the reset;

There will be a fresh new prison server with some amazing new features.
From bug fixes to new additions. We hope jartex got everything that you need to have a great prison experience from now on.

This new prison map will also bring lots of ideas you guys came up, over the last couple months.
We heard your suggestions and most of them are now live!

Note; Prison is still...
by Gunfire at 11:37 PM
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Congratulations to all the winners! We'll be giving out your prizes shortly. We hope you enjoy them. For everyone else, thanks for participating in the Competition.

We will contact the winner and we will be giving out your Wish List as soon as we receive your information.

Below are the other winners who won an store voucher for this month!

We congratulate the voters below for their support:
  • First: UnderDogYt - Your Christmas Wish List
  • Second: EntityE03 - €45 store voucher for the shop
  • Third: NutterButterOG - €35 store voucher for the shop
  • Fourth: Galpon_era - €25 store voucher for the shop.
  • Fifth: Peorioy - €15 store voucher for the shop.
If have any problems contact me and will try reply within 24 hours.
by Voks_ at 3:45 PM
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Congratulations to the following contestants:

First: SoloTurk06
Second: Vanilla_Skies
Third: N9_Cyclone

We congratulate all winners and thank everyone for joining!
Winners have to contact me within 3 days to claim their prizes!

We are very sad to see all the commotion with people bragging and arguing with promising prizes if they vote for their island. We therefore have decided that every promise made towards giving away things if they win should be done.

Much love,

Event Management
by Voks_ at 11:01 PM
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We have reviewed all islands... and.... VOTE NOW! :)

5 possible winners...

We have been checking out every island that has been submitted and we have a top 5! :)
Now it is all up to you to vote and decide who is the winner of this contest!
To make things easier we have made a video where we show off all of the 5 selected islands!
If you have watched the video you can vote on the straw poll link on this post!

You will have 24 hours from now on! (follow the countdown timer here )

by Voks_ at 7:56 PM
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We have GREAT news! JartexNetwork will have an event, and you can join!

The event will be hosted on all Skyblock Game modes and will be themed to Christmas. Entry is completely FREE and there will be AMAZING prizes for the winners!

So what is the event about?
You will have to spice up your island, and with spice up we mean explode our brains with beauty! The theme for this build contest will be Christmas.
You can build anything Christmas related on your island as long as it is following our main server rules!

What do we want?

We do not expect just one simple Santa or a silly Christmas tree, we hope to have our minds blown away when we check out your submission! Since there will be lots of entries be sure to make your island as...
by Gunfire at 2:23 AM
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You can now connect to Jartexnetwork using 1.8/1.11 clients to play our gamemodes!
We’ve tested all gamemodes with the new 1.11 version last week, and everything should now work fine.
All bugs etc have been fixed so this will be a quick post to update you guys we now fully supporting 1.11 without any bugs!

Note: This does NOT mean that jartex is fully 1.11 we added support so people with 1.11 are also able to join Jartexnetwork. We still recommend to just connect with 1.8/1.9.

On a side note, I'd like to apologise for the skyblockdream instability issues we've suffered over the past week. We've have now moved our server to try and improve connection. We hope its now almost solved so you should...
by Voks_ at 10:33 PM
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Hi players of JartexNetwork!

We have been working on the rules for JartexNetwork and we can now proudly say that they are officially here! You can find the brand new rules on:

It could be that some things aren't fully aligned, going to be working on a fix for that very soon!

Much love,

JartexNetwork Management
by Gunfire at 11:00 PM
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IT'S HAPPENING Again! JartexNetwork is releasing an another giveaway!.

It's that time of the year again - Christmas is coming upon us! Our lobby will be given a festive update, and we have some more exciting Christmas things!

This December is already a very busy month for the Santa and the reindeer`s so Santa asked us to help out a little bit to also give something to the Jartex Community!

So the Jartex Santa will help a little bit this month ;)

So what will this giveaway be and how will it work ?

Jartex will have a giveaway where you can win your whole Christmas wish list we are not just giving away something we want to giveaway but something you would like to receive from the Jartex Santa! This can be anything from a new Razer headset to a rank on jartexnetwork or anything you can imagine!

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