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by Peorioy at 5:08 PM
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Howdy builders!

It's finally time to announce to winners of the Creative Build event we hosted 2 weeks ago.
It's been 2 weeks and some extra days since we started the event, and in this thread, we're finally going to announce the winners.

First off I want to thank everyone who participated in the event and especially the staff who helped me decide to pick the winners. I definitely couldn't do it without you guys. Thanks a lot, @GeorgeAWP @Queen84 @k4otic_girl @KingAttackzz @KornCrafterYT

Now I know that everyone is here because they want to know who the winners are! Well, let's not make it a longer story than it already is.

The first place goes to:
/plot home NukemHD

The second place is for:...
by Gunfire at 2:51 AM
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Hello Community,

Glad to announce today a list of changes that are being made with a new 'Practice 2.0' and a '35% global sale' that comes with this new update!

Not that long ago we released a new server to jartex named 'PracticePvP'.
This was an 'alright' working server but did not have that many features as we would like it to have, however, we still released it.

Now a couple weeks later have we worked on an updated version of practice pvp with some new features that had to be there from day one.

Those new updates will be released this Sunday (September 17, 2017) we are expecting the release around 2 PM GMT+2.

by Gunfire at 1:33 AM
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The island top contest has come to an end after 150 days, luckily the winners have been decided!

We'll be giving out your prizes shortly. We hope you enjoy them.
For everyone else, thanks for participating in our IslandTop Competition to get a spot in the islandtop. Even though there are only Five winners, so lets get straight to the winners!

Please note: Only the Island owners will receive the money/giftcard they have to share with their team members.

Event Winners

First Place: Monstererza (2,084,335 Island levels.)

Team Members;

They will win : €100,- PayPal money.

by Flagy_ at 2:39 AM
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Hello, ambitious players

I am glad to tell you guys, that the leaderboards are released online for the following game-modes:
  • EggWars,
  • SkyWars,
  • KitPvP,
  • BedWars.
The leaderboards can be found here:

Please note: The leaderboards are updating every 10 minutes, so they might not be 100% accurate when you are checking them!

When you will open the link above you will see this fancy portal:

After, you can select the game-mode to open the leaderboards and you will see the...
by Peorioy at 8:44 PM
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Hello Players of JartexNetwork!

We have amazing news for you today. We are going to cheer up our creative gamemode by hosting a brand new event! We have been working on this event for some time now, and it is finally time to announce it!

Now, what is the event going to be? We are looking for the best builders on Jartex to make an awesome plot with the following theme:
'underground ancient temple' now I see you wondering: ''what am i supposed to build mister peo'' Well my friend, here you can find some examples:


Be sure to be creative with what you build and not copy any builds from...
by Flagy_ at 6:54 PM
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We have some good news regarding the Trial Applications.

In the last days we have worked on a lot of changes at the questions from the form and we have reset the replies for all the users, which means that you all can apply again for the Trial rank for 3 times if you didn't succeed first or second time.

We hope that you won't waste them by not putting effort and time into your application because all the users will be able to see it and you will just make a bad look about you in the community. Before applying, don't forget to read carefully the requirements and make sure that you meet all of them. You can find the thread...
by Gunfire at 9:36 PM
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We congratulate the voters below for their support:

[​IMG] - First: @unseen (308 votes) - €55 JartexNetwork Gift Card
[​IMG] - Second: @Declana99 (301 votes) - €45 JartexNetwork Gift Card
[​IMG] - Third: @Suhayl (299 votes) - €35 JartexNetwork Gift Card
[​IMG] - Fourth: @JustCortex (299 votes)- €25 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
[​IMG] - Fifth: @necacepac (296 votes) - €15 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
[​IMG] - Sixth: @MackAnhaggren (275 votes) - €10 JartexNetwork Gift Card.
[​IMG] - Seventh: @Brave123...
by Gunfire at 11:25 PM
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We congratulate the voters below for their support:

[​IMG] - First: @necacepac (324 votes) - €55 store voucher for the shop
[​IMG] - Second: @abway (322 votes) - €45 store voucher for the shop
[​IMG] - Third: @JustCortex (317 votes) - €35 store voucher for the shop
[​IMG] - Fourth: @T0m45_ (315 votes)- €25 store voucher for the shop.
[​IMG] - Fifth: @Suhayl (293 votes) - €15 store voucher for the shop.
[​IMG] - Sixth: @Azula (277 votes) - €10 store voucher for the shop.
[​IMG] - Seventh: @Monstererza...
faction laatste.png
by Gunfire at 3:41 AM
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Hello players of JartexNetwork,

It's finally here the last post about this reset, who is ready for this Saturday?
We hope you're all as excited as we are!

We've got a full new map, some new awesome features and more.
This all will be released this Saturday (July 29, 2017) we are expecting the release around 3 PM GMT+2.

Note: We have decided to do it at 3 pm since most people are online at that exact time as shown at the daily player count.
Note: The release time can maby be a couple mintues later we are trying to reach 3pm

We would also like to let you that those were not the last updates, we will try to keep giving you guys as many updates as we can!


Faction top

  • First: €350,- PayPal...
  • iHax Community