# Category Author Description Created
1 Prison JustThiemo Fixed issue with pickaxe tokens on leveling up
2 Prison voodootje0 GKit Keys Voucher fixed
3 Prison JustThiemo Fixed cells dissapearing
4 Prison JustThiemo Fixed prestiged enchant levels
5 Prison JustThiemo Fixed pickaxe leveling
6 Prison JustThiemo Fixed /ci confirm menu
7 Prison voodootje0 Now you can prestige up to prestige 20
8 Prison voodootje0 Updated auctionhouse
9 Prison Gunfire Updated voting rewards
10 Prison Gunfire Fixed treasure hunter pickaxe enchantments
11 Prison Gunfire Fixed the vote counter
12 Prison Gunfire Fixed that you're no longer stuck when jumping in to pvpzone
13 Prison Gunfire Fixed gang tag & gang role when hovering over someone`s name
14 Prison Gunfire Fixed permission to use color codes for donators
15 Prison voodootje0 Removed not existing gkit vouchers in some crates
16 Prison voodootje0 Fixed crates typo