# Category Author Description Created
1 Factions voodootje0 Fixed money booster
2 Factions voodootje0 Fixed sellwand sell items and prices
3 Factions voodootje0 Added prefix ⚠ in trash chat
4 Factions Gunfire Added potions into /shop
5 Factions Gunfire Disabled some blocks being able to be sold on the auction house (For example dirt, leather armor, stone, gravel, etc.)
6 Factions Gunfire Fixed not being able to get out of the warzone.
7 Factions Gunfire Fixed /itemfilter edit menu
8 Gamemodes Gunfire Added /f map in combat
9 Factions Gunfire Added /wild for the end world
10 Factions Gunfire Added brown and red mushrooms to /shop
11 Global Gunfire Removed sale announcement
12 PracticePvP Gunfire Fixed chat placeholders
13 SkyBlock Dream Gunfire You can no longer use enderpearls to glitch out warp pvp
14 Factions Gunfire Fixed 1.12.1 boat glitching
15 Factions Gunfire Redid Ultra & God crate rewards
16 Factions Gunfire Added boosters & chunkbusters on the store.
17 Factions Gunfire Lowerd sand,dirt and cobblestone price
18 Factions Gunfire Added sand/redsand/cobblestone and glowstone into the raidingshop
19 Factions Gunfire Added cooldown on /regen 2 command
20 Prison Gunfire Fixed treasure hunter pickaxe enchantments