# Category Author Description Created
1 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed brain drop chance & brains not dropping
2 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed fireball trail not being saved
3 SkyWars JustThiemo Fixed getting mid chest items at spawn islands
4 BedWars JustThiemo Removed Habbo map due to low rating from players
5 PracticePvP JustThiemo Added Server Selector NPC at spawn
6 SkyWars JustThiemo Fixed games finishing incorrectly
7 BedWars JustThiemo Added missing enderchest on mushroom map (Teams of 1, 2 & 3)
8 BedWars JustThiemo Swapped Upgrades & Shop villager in place on the new maps
9 BedWars JustThiemo Allowing players to break grass and flowers in game
10 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed player tracker
11 SkyWars voodootje0 Fixed party command
12 BedWars voodootje0 Fixed party command
13 PracticePvP JustThiemo Fixed an issue with players having different items outside the kits
14 Factions voodootje0 Increased custom crops sell prices with 20%
15 Factions voodootje0 Fixed crops not always working
16 Factions voodootje0 Fix visual issue with breaking custom crops at claimed regions
17 Global voodootje0 Added twitch rank
18 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Improved stacked entity cleanup; fixes some lag spikes
19 Factions voodootje0 Disabled mcmmo green thumb ability (custom seeds will not transfer to normal seeds anymore)
20 Factions voodootje0 Fixed issue that caused 'random kicks' on breaking blocks