# Category Author Description Created
1 SkyWars JustThiemo Fixed random crashes
2 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed random crashes
3 BedWars JustThiemo Improved hit registration
4 SkyWars JustThiemo Improved hit registration
5 SkyWars JustThiemo Pumpkins no longer consume more than one in Spooky Mode
6 SkyBlock Fantasy JustThiemo Fixed issue with players being unable to chat
7 BedWars JustThiemo Bows now act normal again
8 SkyBlock Fantasy JustThiemo Fixed GKIT books
9 SkyWars JustThiemo Triple coins on Spooky Mode
10 PracticePvP JustThiemo Fixed having kit items in spawn
11 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed spectators being able to get a kill
12 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed Mystery pumpkins in spooky games (Halloween event)
13 BedWars JustThiemo Halloween event
14 SkyWars JustThiemo Halloween event + Spooky SkyWars Mode
15 Lobby JustThiemo Halloween lobby
16 Global JustThiemo Global donation announcements
17 SkyWars JustThiemo Fixed /nick
18 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed /nick
19 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed Mushroom map orange > white
20 BedWars JustThiemo Fixed brain drop chance & brains not dropping