# Category Author Description Created
1 SkyWars voodootje0 Fixes chest loot duplication
2 Global voodootje0 Added 1.14.2 support
3 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Fixed issue that island expansion would go away when the island leader logins
4 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Fixed scrolls mission
5 Global voodootje0 Added 1.14.x support
6 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Players can no longer drop items at /warp crates
7 Lobby voodootje0 Removed misplaced lava
8 Creative voodootje0 Fixed gray chat for donators
9 Store voodootje0 Fixed description styling for Firefox and Safari browsers (WebKit and Gecko engines)
10 Factions voodootje0 Fixed worth issue with Zombie Pigman Spawners
11 Factions voodootje0 Fixed issue that cooldowns on several commands were not working
12 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Increased hopper performance
13 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Increased hopper speed
14 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Removed non existing gkit from crates
15 Global voodootje0 Fixes bug with vouchers
16 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Fixes in /transfer
17 Factions voodootje0 Fixed issue with sand that keeps being stuck midair
18 Global voodootje0 Improved (minigame) parties
19 Global voodootje0 Fixed and improved the skin system
20 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Buffed cactus sell price