# Category Author Description Created
1 Forums Flagy_ Re-coded the design of the vote page
2 Forums Flagy_ Changed the design of the staff subgroups. You can find out what's the name of the subgroup by hovering over the circle.
3 KitPvP voodootje0 Player started to cap message disabled
4 KitPvP voodootje0 Fixed that people can no longer select kits from the old map.
5 Forums Flagy_ You can now choose the prefix (gamemode) of the thread when you are submitting the form. (where it applies)
6 Forums Flagy_ Removed the game-mode between [] in the thread title
7 Forums Flagy_ Removed `Pending` prefix from Suggestions & Bug Reports
8 PracticePvP voodootje0 Improved anti cheat a lot
9 Global voodootje0 Improved database performance from 150% load to 20% load -> Connections between servers should be faster.
10 Factions voodootje0 Fixed compatibility with shockwave and telepathy on one pickaxe
11 Forums voodootje0 Added events section to official newsboard
12 Store voodootje0 Fixed spelling mistake in Factions Ranks
13 KitPvP voodootje0 Optimized performance
14 Forums voodootje0 When being on the rules section, it will now change the rules navbar tab to active
15 SkyBlock Fantasy voodootje0 Improved performance
16 Factions voodootje0 Made the anti cheat more accurate, especially with false printer kicks
17 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Fixed issue with mobcoins
18 SkyBlock Dream voodootje0 Fixed issue with lightning enchant
19 Creative voodootje0 Fixed bug that causes player crashes on login
20 PracticePvP voodootje0 Improved hit registration